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The <figure> element represents some flow content.


  • Some examples of cases:
    • annotate illustrations
    • diagrams
    • photos [Example A]
    • code listings...
  • When the <figure> element is referred to from the main content of the document, it enables such content to be moved away but without affecting the flow of the document. That's why authors should use labels to refer to figures, rather than such relative references (ex.: "See figure no.3" instead of "See below").
  • The <figure> element is able to have a caption, typically the <figcaption> element.

HTML Attributes

See global attributes.


Example A

[try it]

  <figcaption>The Stata Center</figcaption>
  <img src="stata.jpg" alt="The Stata Center Building">


HTML Reference

The <figure> element was introduced in HTML5 - 4.5.11 The figure element.