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This page contains a series of use cases that could be used to formulate recommendations:

Small Independent Film Production Company

Example Productions is a small film production company. Their company website is at

The company produces one or two films a year and wishes to publish all the data about their films online.

Their website hosts an individual HTML webpage for each film under their domain name.

For example, their most recent film is called "Once Upon A Time On The Web" and has a webpage at

Using 303 redirects they can publish RDF data about each film using content negotiation: (URI of film)
	 |--- application/rdf+xml |
	 |--- text/html		  |

The same can be true of their staff members: (URI of person)
	 |--- application/rdf+xml |
	 |--- text/html		  |

If the company was larger and produced a number of films every year it might be worthwhile to sort them by date.


The HTML websites should include the following link tag:

<link rel="alternate" type="application/rdf+xml" title="RDF Version" href="" />

Film Festival

A film festival could build a simple application that lets filmmakers submit their films via an URI.

The URI link returns an RDF file about the film.

The system then checks that all required data fields are complete and confirms the films submission.