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ISSUE-53 [mediatypereg] (open)
  • 2014-08-29 17:56:29:
    *<Philippe Le Hégaret> multipart/x-mixed-replace is now registered
  • 2014-08-29 18:01:13:
    *<Philippe Le Hégaret> Latest comments on xhtml+xml:

    > Name : Robin Berjon

    > Email :

    > MIME media type name : Application

    > MIME subtype name : Standards Tree - xhtml+xml

    > Required parameters : Same as for application/xml [RFC7303]

    RFC 7303 doesn't specify any required parameters for application/xml,
    so this should just be "none". (There's no sense in having a pointer to

    > Optional parameters :

    > charset: same as for application/xml [RFC7303]

    > profile: deprecated as the notion of XHTML profiles has been obsoleted
    > in HTML5

    It's fine to decprecate the parameter, but pointer needs to be
    retained to the original definitition. I suggest adding "See section 8 of
    RFC 3236 for additional information about how this parameter was defined."
    or something along those lines.

    > Encoding considerations : 8bit

    Unless you're saying that application/xhtml+xml can't be encoded in utf-16 -
    which I very much doubt - this is incorrect. I suggest saying "same as for
    application/xml [RFC 7303]", which would match the previous registration.

    > Security considerations :
    > Same as for application/xml [RFC7303]

    This is insufficient. I suggest copying and updating what's in RFC 3236,
    something like:

    The considerations for "text/html" as specified in
    and for 'application/xml' as specified in [RFC 7303], also hold for

    In addition, because of the extensibility features for XHTML as
    provided by XHTML Modularization, it is possible that
    'application/xhtml+xml' may describe content that has security
    implications beyond those described here. However, if the user agent
    follows the user agent conformance rules in,
    this content will be ignored. Only in the case where the user agent
    recognizes and processes the additional content, or where further
    processing of that content is dispatched to other processors, would
    security issues potentially arise.

    I don't know if the updates to the references I've done are correct, but
    it's a starting point.

    > Interoperability considerations :
    > Same as for application/xml [RFC7303]

    This is clearly incomplete. Perhaps the text in RFC 3216 can be updated to
    fit here.

    > Published specification :

    > Labeling a resource with the application/xhtml+xml type asserts that the
    > resource is an XML document that likely has a root element from the HTML
    > namespace. Thus, the relevant specifications are the XML specification,
    > the Namespaces in XML specification, and

    Isn't a refernce to also appropriate?

    > Applications which use this media :
    > Same as for application/xml [RFC7303]

    This is clearly incorrect; perhaps some of the text from RFC 3236 can be
    resued here.

    > Fragment identifier considerations :
    > Same as for application/xml [RFC7303]

    > Restrictions on usage :
    > No restrictions apply.

    > Provisional registration? (standards tree only) :
    > No.

    > Additional information :

    > 1. Deprecated alias names for this type : N/A
    > 2. Magic number(s) : Same as for application/xml [RFC7303]

    The text from RFC 3236 needs to be updated and reused here.

    > 3. File extension(s) : "xhtml" and "xht" are sometimes used.
    > 4. Macintosh file type code : TEXT
    > 5. Object Identifiers: N/A

    > Person to contact for further information :

    > 1. Name : Robin Berjon
    > 2. Email :

    > Intended usage : Common
    > N/A

    > Author/Change controller : Author/Change controller : Author:
    > Ian Hickson <>

    > Change controller:
    > W3C
ISSUE-151 [whatwg-references] (closed)


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