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List of current DIGPUB IG Task Forces

Current Goals Publications Leader(s) Resources, Repositories, Use Cases
Layout & Styling Expand coverage of latinreq; more details on drop caps and footnotes "Requirements for Latin Text Layout and Pagination" Dave Cramer TF wiki, github repository, github paged view, TF wiki, Use Cases 1., Use Cases 2.
Metadata Identify problems referring to the use of metadata by publishers on the Open Web Platform, and collect use cases Bill Kasdorf, Madi Solomon TF wiki, Use Cases
Content & Markup Identify list of structural vocabulary terms for publishing. Incorporate terms into W3C spec (ARIA, HTML). Tzviya Siegman TF wiki, Use Cases
Annotation Collect community feedback, then produce updated version; feed the results to the general Annotation work at W3C "Annotation Use Cases" Robert Anderson TF Wiki, github repository, github paged view, Use Cases
Accessibility Review UAAG, EPUB 3 a11y features/guidelines (particularly media overlays, CSS Speech, Braille, and SVG) Suzanne Taylor, Charles LaPierre TF wiki, Use Cases
STEM Review the requirements, usage, deployments, etc, of MathML, possibly other declarative format like CML and other similar formats, all of interest for STEM publishing Peter Krautzberger TF wiki, Use Cases

Other task forces considered by the group

These task forces are currently not existing or active; they may be subject of future work.

Group(s) of Use Cases
Page DOM Use Cases
Security Use Cases
Packaging and Distribution

Other document for the DPUB industry

  • W3C_specs_for_DPUB, a document listing W3C specifications that are important for the DPUB industry.