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Meeting Call 16th January 2014 - 11:00am EST



  • Article - Richard
    • Post proposal to public-vocabs list
    • In posing, refer to questions discussed:
      • The use of 'url' or 'sameAs'
      • If the recommendations for Blog should be included or not.
      • If owl equivalence statements should be included or not for properties from bibo.

Call Recording

To view a recording of approx 1 hour call: Click Here
Note: will play using a WebEx browser plugin

Chat transcript from Call

From Dan Scott to Everyone(11:06:37 AM)
I'm willing to create the RDFS if the proposal is accepted, for what it's worth.
From Ross Singer to Everyone(11:06:53 AM)
From Niklas Lindström to Everyone(11:07:21 AM)
From Niklas Lindström to Everyone(11:07:58 AM)
(I wouldn't mind being bold and declare equivalence to bibo properties/classes though)
From Jeff Young to Everyone(11:08:15 AM)
From Dan Scott to Everyone(11:08:15 AM)
I think it's worth keeping the Blog as child of Periodical
From Jeremy Nelson to Everyone(11:08:16 AM)
Yes, I like including Blog
From Jeff Mixter to Everyone(11:09:56 AM)
+1 for the OWL equivalent. I also read that is/will be adding these to the rest of the vocab
From Dan Scott to Everyone(11:10:35 AM)
I think including the equivalence statements at least shows that we've done our homework, even if it doesn't result in formal owl:equivalentOf statements in the ontology.
From Dan Scott to Everyone(11:11:04 AM)
And it will be helpful to others looking to map their bibo to (or who already have familiarity with bibo)
From Dan Scott to Everyone(11:12:59 AM)
+1 Niklas :)
From Dan Scott to Everyone(11:15:05 AM)
Agreed, keep the equivalence mappings as a single seciont
From Adrian Pohl to Everyone(11:15:21 AM)
grouped section sounds sensible

From Dan Scott to Everyone(11:17:52 AM) links at the bottom to an IRC chat where Ed Summers warned that people were going to get confused by schemaAs vs. url
From Dan Scott to Everyone(11:18:12 AM)
And I have to agree, it's horribly confusing
From Adrian Pohl to Everyone(11:18:12 AM)
+1 for schema:sameAs when linking to resources identified by DOI.
From Jeff Mixter to Everyone(11:19:09 AM)
+1 for sameAs
From Dan Scott to Everyone(11:19:22 AM)
I think it makes sense to call it out as a question when we post the proposal, because it will probably help clarify it for others on public-vocabs :)
From Dan Scott to Everyone(11:19:36 AM)
+1 for sameAs FWIW
From Dan Scott to Everyone(11:20:34 AM)
Great minds Richard
From Ross Singer to Everyone(11:20:40 AM)
+1 sameAs
From Jeff Young to Everyone(11:20:53 AM)
From Niklas Lindström to Everyone(11:20:55 AM)
+1 for that, (sameAs + reference to discussion)
From Ross Singer to Everyone(11:21:09 AM)
karen, i think
From Jeff Young to Everyone(11:21:54 AM)
I have another issue, mixing strings and things
From Dan Scott to Everyone(11:22:28 AM)
Jeff, well... pretty much every other example in mixes strings and things
From Jeremy Nelson to Everyone(11:23:07 AM)
Yes, I've been guilty of mixing things as strings, easier to implement
From Dan Scott to Everyone(11:23:29 AM)
/me doesn't really care all that much about library system limitations
From Jeremy Nelson to Everyone(11:23:38 AM)
From Adrian Pohl to Everyone(11:25:00 AM)
+1 for maintaining the string/thing mix.
From Jeff Mixter to Everyone(11:30:10 AM)
+1 for providing guidelines/best practices for modeling complex things like digital items
From Jeremy Nelson to Everyone(11:31:00 AM)
+1 guidelines/best practices, maybe look at datasets as well?
From Jeff Young to Everyone(11:32:26 AM)
From Adrian Pohl to Everyone(11:32:40 AM)
From Niklas Lindström to Everyone(11:36:51 AM)
(Aside: From the GLD list about mapping to source vocabs: (DanBri is positive))
From Dan Scott to Everyone(11:37:01 AM)
From Dan Scott to Everyone(11:38:22 AM)
Jeff Y. are you suggesting a sample application?
From Jeff Young to Everyone(11:38:52 AM)
I'm suire what I'm suggesting.
From Jeff Young to Everyone(11:39:01 AM)
Sorry, not sure...
From Dan Scott to Everyone(11:39:05 AM)
I was planning on working on a simple search engine that would extract structured data from heterogeneous sources
From Jeremy Nelson to Everyone(11:39:13 AM)
I've some code samples using Bootstrap and Flask
From Dan Scott to Everyone(11:39:32 AM)
Live applications like VuFind and Evergreen and Koha...
From Dan Scott to Everyone(11:41:25 AM)
Damn. Sorry, my sound just went all cylony, unfortunately I can't understand Richard's response :/
From Dan Scott to Everyone(11:42:09 AM)
Ah, my sounds is back. Sounded positive :)
From Dan Scott to Everyone(11:43:08 AM)
Great, looking forward to a refreshed WorldCat ... sometime :)
From Jeremy Nelson to Everyone(11:43:22 AM)
I've been using the 40k Project Gutenberg RDF (see I'll be trying a full model in the near future
From Jeremy Nelson to Everyone(11:43:40 AM)
+1 to Worldcat refresh
From Adrian Pohl to Everyone(11:43:47 AM)
Sorry, gotta go. Family visits... Bye you all.
From Dan Scott to Everyone(11:43:53 AM)