Class XMLRoot


public class XMLRoot
extends XMLElement

The root node of the XML tree corresponds to the document itself. It may have an `extid,' the external ID of the document type, usually a URL that points to a DTD.

Constructor Index

 o XMLRoot()

Method Index

 o dumpTree(PrintStream)
 o setExtID(String)
 o setIDs(String)
 o setRefs(String)
 o setRoot(String)


 o XMLRoot
 public XMLRoot()


 o setRoot
 public void setRoot(String gi)
 o setExtID
 public void setExtID(String ext)
 o setIDs
 public boolean setIDs(String pairs)
 o setRefs
 public boolean setRefs(String pairs)
 o dumpTree
 public void dumpTree(PrintStream out)
dumpTree in class XMLElement