Class XMLElement


public class XMLElement
extends XMLNode
Class that holds an element node in the XML tree. It has a dictionary of attributes and values, and a list of children. The children can be other elements, processing instructions, comments or text nodes.

Variable Index

 o children

Constructor Index

 o XMLElement(String)

Method Index

 o addAttribute(String, String)
 o addChild(XMLNode)
 o dumpTree(PrintStream)
 o getChildren()
 o getName()
 o setEmpty()


 o children
 protected Vector children


 o XMLElement
 public XMLElement(String name)


 o addChild
 public void addChild(XMLNode x)
 o addAttribute
 public void addAttribute(String name,
                          String val)
 o getChildren
 public Vector getChildren()
 o getName
 public String getName()
 o setEmpty
 public void setEmpty()
 o dumpTree
 public void dumpTree(PrintStream out)
dumpTree in class XMLNode