XProc (not really a) telcon

26 Mar 2009

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Ht, Alex_Milows
Paul Grosso, Norm Walsh
Norm Walsh
Henry S. Thompson

No chair, no quorum, so AM and HST reviewed the state-of-play wrt issues around p:http-request, particularly encoding and content type.

p:http-request issues status review

AM: Clarified misunderstanding last week, wrt body encoding issues
... There is only one set of serialisation parameters
... regardless of how many parts there are
... No change planned there
... We did clear up how things work on the issue HST was concerned about

HST: Good, I'm happy if you have concensus

AM: Looking at http://www.w3.org/XML/XProc/2009/02/26-minutes.html
... If you ship base64, all is well
... On the way out, the content-type attribute just sets the header, it doesn't determine serialisation, but if it has a charset parameter, that must match the serialisation controls
... All the pieces have to match
... If they don't, that should provoke an error

HST: If the WG and implementors/active commentators are in agreement, that's good enough for me

AM: Wrt the details of setting the content type, media type parameters are allowed
... There are some things that aren't covered, notably XML into multipart with different serialisations, but a) there's a workaround (serialise in separate steps and base64 encode) and b) it's a corner case anywhere
... Then there's the XQuery example I sent, with an XQuery content type but element content: that's an error according to the spec as it stands
... We agreed we can live with that

Meeting adjourned, no quorum

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