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EXI Status — 15 March 2006

Efficient XML Interchange WG (charter) began its work with an open Call for Contributions. Several proposals have been received so far, alongside their self-assessments against the requirements set forth in the XML Binary Characterization Note.

Currently the working group is examining the proposals and their self-assessments. We are also developing a measurement framework and test suite for compactness and processing efficiency based on the XBC Use Case Note and the XBC Measurement Methodology Note. The first public draft describing the measurement framework and early results will be published as a Note in May 2006.

Submitted proposals under evaluation

Other submissions

Since a proposal is required to have an implementation in order to be evaluated in the first pass, some submissions may not be able to be evaluated as part of our early work, though they may prove to constitute useful input in later stages.

Robin Berjon, Co-Chair,
Oliver Goldman, Co-Chair,
Carine Bournez, W3C Team contact
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