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EXI: Call for Contributions

The EXI WG has now been chartered and is about to start the process of gathering candidate technologies for consideration in defining an efficient XML interchange recommendation. If you would like to contribute a format, you are encouraged to join the EXI Working Group but not required to. In addition to adhering to the IP policy this will enable you to take part in the evaluation process.

In order to contribute a format, please email the following to EXI WG's public list (public-exi@w3.org):

If you have your format specification ready to be submitted but require a little more time to provide the evaluation (or vice versa) you are encouraged to send them separately—the more information we get earlier the better.

The deadline for contributions is January 15, 2006. For some time after that date we could still look at what you send in, but the more weeks pass the less influential your contribution will be in shaping up EXI technology. Any contribution coming in after the first face to face meeting which will take place during the next Technical Plenary (27/02-03/03/2006) may be accepted as useful input, but will not be considered new information that can justify re-opening closed issues or changing existing WG resolutions.

Please note that by contributing a candidate technology to the WG, you are agreeing to the fact that the WG may use parts of it (or even its entirety) in publishing documents the copyright of which will belong to the W3C.

We look forward to your inputs, which we're sure will be of excellent quality,
—Oliver Goldman & Robin Berjon, co-chairs, EXI