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1.1f - a text equivalent for ASCII art.

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Priority 1: if the ASCII art conveys important information.

For our report on a manufacturing process, we have created two charts showing the relationship of cost versus time. The chart made with ASCII characters will be meaningless to users of screen readers. The second chart shows the same information in a bit-map image created using simple drawing software. While the image is inaccessible to users of screen-readers, at least we can add equivalent text using the alt or longdesc attributes. (See the example for Checkpoint 1.1a for an example of using "longdesc"

  ASCII-art graph

   C  40-|         o 
   o  30-|     o o
   s  20-|  o o
   t  20-| o
           '  '  '  '
           1  2  3  4

Bit-mapped image graph

Graph of Cost versus Time
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