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9.3, continued.

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The following examples can only be fully appreciated if your browser supports JavaScript (and you have enabled scripts to be run). Your browser must also support the BUTTON element.

Example 1: Use a device independent event handler that works with any appropriate input action: in this case, ONFOCUS works with both a keyboard event and a mouse event, so it is considered to be a device independent event handler.

The example is the "script activated button": try clicking on it or tabbing to it. A small alert box should pop up containing a message about the prize. Pressing the Escape key will make it go away.

And here is the code that creates it:

<BUTTON onfocus="pop1()"> Win a prize!</BUTTON>.

And here is the script that does the work:

<SCRIPT language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
function pop1() { alert ("First Prize!") }

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