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5.6 - Provide abbreviations for header labels.

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A useful feature of <TH> element is the "abbr" or abbreviation attribute. A screen-reader will be able to speak the header identified with each cell if the id and header, or scope, attributes are used. If you don't use the "abbr" attribute, the entire header will be spoken for its associated data values. For example, the code:

<TH id="t3" abbr="Type">Type of Coffee</TH>

would cause a screen-reader to say "Type" and the cell value, instead of "Type of coffee:" and the cell value.

Here is where you would really appreciate the use of "abbr": Imagine if you had a large spreadsheet whose columns were labeled like this:

<TH id="t4" abbr="Projected">Projected spending on coffee in the Western Regional Office</TH>

How many times do you need to hear "Projected spending on coffee in the Western Regional Office" before you wish you had abbreviated it to "Projected"?

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