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13.5 - Provide navigation bars to highlight and give access to the navigation mechanism.

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Priority 3

With few exceptions, all the slides in the WCAG Curriculum provide one or more navigation bars that group the navigation features.

At the top right of each page is the bar - Previous page Next page - that permits navigation to the previous and next page in the slide set.

Near the bottom of every page is a navigation bar -

Introduction: Table-of-Contents Guidelines: Table-of-Contents Checkpoints: Table-of-Contents Examples: Table-of-Contents

that permits quick access to the Table of Contents slide of each of the major slide sets (Introduction, Guidelines, Checkpoint, and Examples).

Once you become familiar with the consistent layout and design, finding your way around these slide sets can be a breeze! This, of course, is the goal of following Checkpoint 13.5

Another benefit of knowing that important links are grouped together: you can skip over them quickly to find other important content on the page. See the next slide for details of this technique.

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