IMPORTANT: Instructions

Please read carefully the Instructions for the "[This is an Awesome Presentation]" Presentation at for an introduction, tips, and permission to use.

The Notes section for each slide contains important information. Make sure you can read the Notes. On this slide, the notes start with "[NOTES SECTION: This is where the important information is. . .]"


[NOTES SECTION This is where the important information is for each slide.]


fyi is an abbreviation for "for your information". Here you will find notes to presenters, visual notes, and such.

Note to presenters:

This is an Awesome Presentation

Developed with material from the
W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)

Status: Updated 00 Month 2000



I’d like to share with you [this topic].

[Please leave this here in case the first slide gets deleted:
Please read the Instructions for the "[This is an Awesome Presentation" Presentation at]


Note to presenters: Remember that some people may not be able to see the slides, for example, people who are blind or people listening to an audio-only recording of the presentation. Make sure that you say all of the information that is on each slide. See Advice for Presenters

Slide with underlined title

  • list item 1
  • list item 2
  • list item 3


Here are some important bullet points.


Notes to presenters: ...

Slide with big title

paragraph instead of bullets


No bullets here but let's checkout this paragraph.

(Example of no fyi info for this slide -- see nothing below me.)

[quote slide with hidden heading]

amazingly insightful quote
that is short
and spaced out

— Respected person,


This respected person, of Affiliation, said this: amazingly insightful quote.


Quote source: from here

Visual note: The slide title is hidden off the slide. It’s there to help presenters, but is not visible to the audience.

Slide with a single point
that might be 2 lines
or even 3


Even in extreme cases...


Notes to presenters: yo, make this clear, ya.



Example of img only.


Remember to put the image sources here. This one is: Copyright 2008 Shawn Lawton Henry. Permission granted to use for web accessibility presentations, provided you include the copyright notice.