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Changes to UAAG 1.0 checkpoints after second CR

Actions for Checkpoints with Low Implementation

Editor: Jon Gunderson

Last revised: $Date: 2002/07/04 18:32:34 $ by $Author: ijacobs $

Status of this document

This document lists the checkpoints of the 12 Sep 2001 Candidate Recommendation Version of UAAG 1.0 with low implementation experience; see the UAWG's Second Candidate Recommendation implementationr report. This document summarizes the UAWG's decisions about how to modify UAAG 1.0 in light of this implementation experience. This document was produced as part of work for the User Agent Accessibility Guidelines Working Group.

Actions for Checkpoints with Low Implementation Experience
Checkpoints Proposed Action Discussed on Telecon Comments
1.2 Activate event handlers (P1)
9.5 No events on focus change (P2)
9.6 Show event handlers (P2)
Keep 6 June Group as a collection of checkpoints with one of the following suggested labels:
  • Events: seems too general to me, but it is simple and doesn't use the word "repair"
  • Pointer Events: more specific, but checkpoints 9.5 and 9.6 are more than just pointer events
  • Mouse Events: sounds very device specific
  • User interface events: a little more descriptive of the types of events we are interested in
4.4 Slow Multimedia (P1) Keep 6 June Include implementation experience from:
5.3 Manual viewport open only (P2)
5.7 Manual viewport close only (P3)
Keep 5.3; move 5.7 to note of 5.3 6 June

Include implementation experience for 5.3 from:

  1. Under Advance/Scripts & Windows, C lets you control the following (i.e., "do or don't do the following from scripts"):
    • Move or resize existing windows
    • Raise or lower windows
    • Open a link in a new window (5.3 requirement)
  2. Konqueror also supports a "JavaScript web popups policy" of one of Allow/Ask/Deny.
  3. Jim Ley reports that Snufin implements 5.3 and 5.5 as a IE add-on

See if we could get quick implementation for 5.7 from Mozilla

3.5 Toggle content refresh (P1) Keep, but drop the alert portion 6 June This is an important requirement for screen reader users.

Note: Aaron reports this is being planned for a future version of Mozilla, Ian will check with Opera

10.5 Outline view. (P2) Keep 6 June

Keep looking harder for implementation experience, potentially using the user style sheet capabilities in Opera and Internet Explorer.

Note: Will use user style sheet implementations in Opera, IE and Konqueror; and Amaya outline view feature

11.2 Current author bindings (P2) Keep 6 June Consensus from the list to keep this requirement, even though we have low implementation experience
2.11 Alert unsupported language (P3) Keep 6 June Consensus from the list to keep this requirement, even though we have low implementation experience
10.1 Table orientation (P1) Make this for graphical user agents only 20 June
  • Make 10.1 for graphical user agents only.
  • For graphical user agents, allow configuration to fix headers (to be defined) at least when table data (rendered in the standard grid format) exceeds the dimensions of the viewport. [Don't abstract this further.]
  • Add a Note to 10.1 that it's useful to allow users to query cells for associated header information. "...See techniques for more information about table navigation and query techniques."
  • Add suggested navigation and query techniques for speech user agents.
9.10 Configure important elements (P3) Keep 6 June Keep since style sheets can be configured and we are using CSS as implementation expereince for 10.5
4.6 Position captions (P1) Modify 13 June
  • Require configuration so that captions are not obsured by the associated video track. Sufficient techniques:
    1. Render captions in separate viewport.
    2. Allow user to control caption text background and foreground colors per 4.3.
  • Make Notes about useful behavior:
    1. Allow users to turn off captions (so that background not obsured).
    2. Allow positioning (for users with low vision and hearing impaired, for users who with low vision who aren't native language speakers).
  • Reminder Notes:
    1. Only about recognized captions.
    2. The user agent is not required to make the captions background transparent when those captions are rendered above a related video track.
2.10 Toggle placeholders (P3) Drop 6 June Consensus from list discussion, move as an informative note somewhere else.
4.8 Control other multimedia (P2)
4.7 Slow other multimedia (P2)
4.11 Control other volume (P2)
Drop 6 June Consensus from list discussion, move as an informative note somewhere else.
5.5 Confirm form submission (P2) Keep 13 June There are many implementations of confirmation of form submission in an insecure setting. We are asking for an even more general configuration: don't submit any forms without my confirmation.
3.6 Toggle redirects (P2) Drop 13 June Move 3.6 from P2 checkpoint to informative Note under 3.5. We note that the user gets the final content anyway (after the redirect), perhaps with mild confusion due to unexpected change.

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