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UAAG Implementation Promotion Ideas

This list of promotion ideas for the User Agent Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 represents a quick brainstorm of ideas (original draft by Judy Brewer, discussed and edited by UAWG members as part of the October 22 2001 face-to-face meeting). Some of the ideas from this list might be selected by UAWG or EOWG to work on, but this is not a commitment to do all of these ideas.

Use Media Strategies

  1. bringing up UAAG implementation opportunities in every media interview
  2. making UAAG primary topic of extended interviews e.g. live radio or webcasts etc wherever possible
  3. encourage browser product rankings in online and hard-copy magizines to include UAAG-conformance
  4. placing articles in various publications, countries, fields
  5. highlight implementations that are already in place, including highlighting the ease-of-implementation of some of the features

Develop Supporting Materials

  1. develop a business case specific to UAAG
  2. write up a comparability chart between UAAG and US Sec 508
  3. develop talking points for disability organizations interested in promoting UAAG conformance
  4. develop a vendor question checklist for product selection

Incorporate into Presentations

  1. bringing UAAG up in every presentation
  2. encourage other speakers at presentations to raise it in their own words
  3. prepare an online presentation about the business case for UAAG

Develop Plug-ins

  1. develop key plug-ins to fill in some gaps
  2. encourage development of plug-ins
  3. promote coordination of plug-in availability through mainstream software developers (e.g. encourage plug-in developers to coordinate w/ standard SDK process)

Network with Advocates

  1. ensure that disability leadership has talking points available for promoting UAAG implementation
  2. set up events with user community interested in promoting UAAG
  3. set up events with Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA)

Incorporate in standards & promote harmonization of standards

  1. pursue incorporation into IEEE best practices on web engineering
  2. explore CEN/ISSS reference
  3. request reference to UAAG 1.0 as equivalent facilitation in US Sec 508 technical implementation notes
  4. pursue more harmonization of Sec 508 Web user agent provisions with UAAG down the road
  5. get standards associations to point to atag & uaag even where gov'ts aren't pointing to it

Develop Test Suites

  1. develop test suites
  2. encourage third-party organizations to use test suites

Provide Tech Support

  1. doing in-house tech visits with individual companies, where still needed for clarity on feature requirements
  2. start series of promotional newsbriefs to user agent developers, with updates on implementation support materials such as business case as it becomes available
  3. develop a rolling FAQ with replies to implementation questions
  4. provide an individual (or alias with group of experts) to whom developers can send implementation questions.

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