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WAI UA Telecon for December 14th, 2000

Chair: Jon Gunderson
Date: Thursday, 14 December 2000
Time: 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm Eastern Standard Time, USA
Call-in: Longfellow Bridge (+1) (617) 252-1038


Review Action Items


  1. Next User Agent face-to-face meeting in Boston on 1-2 March 2001
  2. W3C representatives respond to WAI charters and proposal
  3. Glosary group formed in WCAG


  1. Issue #405: Checkpoint 4.17: Need stronger requirement to distinguish selection/focus
  2. Issue #406: Checkpoint 4.18: Lower to Priority 3
  3. Issue #407: Checkpoint 4.20: Include requirement to control automatic closing of viewports
  4. Issue #408: Checkpoint 4.20: Allow configuration to prompt to open, not force manual open.
  5. Issue #409: Checkpoint 4.20: If frames are not opened, what is result?
  6. Issue #410: Checkpoint 4.21: Is this redundant to 4.20?
  7. Issue #411: Checkpoint 4.21: Not just for GUIs but for any interface with overlapping viewports
  8. Issue #412: Checkpoint 5.8: Editorial association between first and second sentences.
  9. Issue #413: Checkpoint 6.2: Does this only apply to content?
  10. Issue #414: Checkpoint 7.3: Need stronger min requirements


Chair: Jon Gunderson

Scribe: Ian Jacobs

David Poehlman
Eric Hansen
Harvey Bingham
Mickey Quenzer
Gregory Rosmatia
Jim Allan
Rich Schwerdtfeger
Tim Lacy

Kitch Barnicle

Action Item Summary

Open Action Items

  1. WG: look for user agents that implement mouse events like mouse over with the keyboard.
  2. IJ: Follow up with Greg Lowney on issue 389
  3. IJ: (Issue 387) Propose new wording for check point 8.4 reflecting discussion on 28 November
  4. IJ: Ask Jason White for CSS implementation information for emacspeak
  5. IJ: Publish new implementation report for the meeting
  6. IJ: Improve wording of note for 4.14 related to CSS reference
  7. IJ, EH, AG: Propose new definitions forterms in question (equivalence, text element, etc.)
  8. IJ: Draft new language for 6.2
  9. IJ: Get wording from Martin for thisrequirement (e.g., "conform", "implement", etc.) for issue 327
  10. IJ: Propose new checkpoints to see how it feels to harmonize the requirements related to comments in issue 348.
  11. IJ: Propose new checkpoints/modifiedcheckpoints for 8.2.
  12. IJ: Add some more explanation about the difference between 7.3 and7.4.
  13. IJ: Proposed fixed wording for 7.5
  14. IJ: Add to techniques a link to Adobe's accessible PDF information.
  15. IJ and AG: Revise the applicability provision and send to WG.
  16. IJ: Ask Adobe why this is hard (issue 382)
  17. IJ: 1.4 needs to be re-written in light of changes in checkpoint 1.1.
  18. IJ: Proposed text in 2.1
  19. IJ: Add a note to 5.8 - content requirements may also apply to user interface
  20. IJ: Mention that resizing and overiding absolute values is part of some specification in section 1.2
  21. IJ: Clarify the meaning of system colors
  22. IJ:
    a) clarify "recognize style" in checkpoints 4.5
    b) need more rational - refer to WCAG - style less important than other content
    c) add note 4.5 - give example of multimedia content that can be recognized as style
  23. IJ: Add technique to checkpoint 4.12 to make clear that:
    - This includes author-override if speech engine allows.
    - This includes whatever granularity offered by speech engine.
  24. IJ: Add a clarifying note to 4.11 that if you allow independent control of all sources of audio, you satisfy the checkpoint as well.
  25. JG: Implementation information for guideline 2
  26. JG: Propose a list of things we areexpecting UAs to recognize in scripts.
  27. JG: Schedule face-to-face time with other WGs
  28. JG: Talk to Cindy King about captioning
  29. JG: Propose text for the techniques document about synthesized speech implementation issues. Notably UA and AT wanting to use the same synthesizer engine.
  30. AG: Send a reply to Phill related to issue 362
  31. GR: Review checkpoints in Guideline 10 for implementation information
  32. GR: Talk to Håkon about CSS support.
  33. GR: Talk to AFB about captioning and positioning
  34. JA: Review checkpoints in Guideline 4 for implementation information
  35. MQ: Send more details about control of speech parameters for the techniques document based on OpenBook.
  36. KB: Submit technique on providing information on current item and number of items in search

New Action Items

  1. IJ: Add a P3 checkpoint on user control of windows that automatically close
  2. IJ: Add a clarification to checkpoint 4.20 including:
  3. IJ: Delete second sentence from 4.21
  4. IJ: Add to end of first sentence "with which it overlaps" in checkpoint 4.21
  5. IJ: Add "that benefit accessibility" to end of second sentence of checkpoint 5.8
  6. JG: Contact Greg Lowney and ask for a counter-proposal about minimal requirement. for checkpoint 7.3

Completed Action Items

  1. JA: Review SMIL players to find out which ones support positioning of captions.
  2. JG: Write a proposal to the WG this week for a checkpoint about discerning focus from selection all the time

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