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List of Invited Reviewers for Second Last Call Document

Last updated: $Date: 2000/11/14 16:44:22 $



  1. Dianna Callesen
    Company: Adobe, Adobe Accessibility Team
    E-mail: dcallesen@adobe.com
  2. Comments based on Ian Jacobs discussion at Adobe.
  3. T.V. Raman (10/03/00, 10/03/00)
    Company: IBM Research: Human Language Technologies
    E-mail: tvraman@us.ibm.com
  4. Richard Premack (10/03/00, 10/11/00)
    Company: interNext Phone Browser
    E-mail: richardp@akamail.com
    Reference: David Poehlman
  5. Doug Geoffray or Aaron Smith (10/03/00, 10/09/00)
    E-mail: geoffray@gwmicro.com, aaron@gwmicro.com
    Note: will give to Aaron Smith for review
  6. Phill Jenkins (10/10/00, 10/12/00)
    Company: IBM
    E-mail: pjenkins@us.ibm.com
    PJ1, PJ2 PJ3 , PJ4 , PJ5 , PJ6 , PJ7 , PJ8 , PJ9 , PJ10 , PJ11 , PJ12 , PJ13

Disability Researchers , Educators and Consumers

  1. Bryan Campbell (10/03/00, 10/11/00)
    E-mail: bryany@pathcom.com
  2. Liam Quinn (10/03/00, 10/03/00)
    Company: Web Design Group
    Reference: Harvey Bingham
  3. Joe Sullivan (10/03/00, 10/10/00)
    Company: Duxbury
    E-mail: joe@duxsys.com
    Reference: Harvey Bingham

Other reviewers

  1. Karl DuBost (W3C)

Invited Reviewers

Disability Organizations

  1. George Kerscher (10/03/00, 10/04/00)
    Company: Recordings for the Blind and Dyslexic, DAISY
    E-mail: kerscher@montana.com
  2. Kathlene Korpolinski (10/3/00, 10/03/00)
    Company: Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic
    E-mail: kkorpolinski@rfbd.org
    Reference: Harvey Bingham
  3. Mike Paciello (10/03/00, 10/03/00)
    Company:WebABLE, Inc.
    E-mail: paciello@ma.ultranet.com
    Reference: Harvey Bingham
  4. Janina Sajka (10/03/00, 10/05/00)
    Title: Director of Information Systems Research and Development
    Organization: AFB
    E-mail: janina@afb.net
    Reference: Kitch Barnicle

Disability Researchers , Educators and Consumers

  1. Alan Cantor (10/03/00, 10/03/00)
    Company: Cantor + Associates
    E-mail: acantor@interlog.com
  2. David Clark (10/03/00, 10/04/00)
    Company: Half the Planet
    E-mail: david@davidsaccess.com
  3. Geoff Freed (10/03/00, 10/05/00)
    Organization: CPB/WGBH National Center for Accessible Media
    E-mail: geoff_freed@wgbh.org
  4. Chuck Hitchcock or Sheela Sethuraman (10/03/00, 10/06/00)
    Organization: CAST, Inc.
    E-mail: chitchcock@cast.org or ssethuraman@cast.org
    Note:No promise of review, but will try
  5. Scott Luebking (10/03/00)
    Company: ???
    E-mail: phoenixl@netcom.com
  6. Constantine Stephanidis (10/03/00, 10/09/00)
    Organization: Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas
    E-mail: cs@ics.forth.gr
  7. Gregg Vanderheiden (10/03/00, 10/04/00)
    Company: Trace Center
    E-mail: gv@trace.wisc.edu


  1. Jim Edwards (Ben Wiess) (10/03/00, 10/10/00)
    Company:AI Squared
    E-mail: jim@nycap.rr.com (bweiss@aisquared.com)
  2. Jim Fruchterman (with Peter Scialli) (10/03/00, 10/03/00)
    Company: The Benetech Initiative
    E-mail: jim@arkenstone.org
  3. Curtis Chong (10/03/00)
    Organization: NFB
    E-mail: chong99@concentric.net
  4. (sent message to ACB to find reviewer, 10/3/00)
    Company: American Council of the Blind
    E-mail: info@acb.org
  5. Judith Dixon (10/03/00)
    Company: Library of Congress
    Reference: Harvey Bingham
  6. Patrick Burke (10/03/00)
    Company: UCLA
    Reference: Al Gilman
  7. Kelly Ford (10/03/00)
    Company: WebWatch
    Reference: Al Gilman
  8. Glen Gordon (10/03/00)
    E-mail: gleng@hj.com
  9. Peter Korn (10/03/00)
    Company: SUN
    E-mail: Peter.Korn@Eng.Sun.COM
  10. Earl Johnson (10/03/00)
    Company: SUN
    E-mail: Earl.Johnson@Eng.Sun.COM
  11. Lakespur Roca (10/03/00)
    Company: Netscape
    E-mail: lake@netscape.com
  12. George Madaus (10/03/00)
    Company: Real Networks
    E-mail: madaus@real.com
  13. John Gardner (10/03/00)
    Organization: Oregon State University
    E-mail: john.gardner@orst.edu
  14. Markku T. Hakkinen (10/03/00)
    E-mail: hakkinen@prodworks.com
  15. Patrick Sheehan (10/03/00)
    Company: Veterans Administration
    E-mail: pat.sheehan@mail.va.gov
    Reference: Al Gilman
  16. Håkon Wium Lie (10/03/00)
    Company: Opera Software
    E-mail: howcome@opera.com
  17. Linda Boyer (10/03/00)
    Company: IBM ViaVoice group
    Reference: Rich Schwerdtfeger
  18. Steve Anderson (10/03/00)
    Company: Dragon Systems
    Reference: Harvey Bingham
  19. Mary Beth Janes (10/03/00)
    Company: Apple Computer
    E-mail: mjanes@apple.com
    Reference: Mark Novak
  20. Terry Sullivan (10/03/00)
    E-mail: terry@pantos.org
    Reference: Bryan Campbell
  21. Steven Mendelsohn (10/03/00)
    Company: UCP
    E-mail: smendel@panix.com
    Reference: Susan Goodman, UCP, sgoodman@ucpa.org
  22. Len Kasday (10/03/00)
    Company: Temple University
    E-mail: kasday@acm.org
  23. Jamal Mazrui (10/03/00)
    Company: ???
    E-mail: jamal@empowermentzone.com
  24. Jutta Treviranus (10/03/00)
    Company: University of Toronto
    E-mail: jutta.treviranus@utoronto.ca
  25. Hans Riesebos(10/05/00)
    Company: Alva
    E-mail: HRiesebos@alva-bv.nl

W3C Dependencies

(WAI) Protocols & Formats WG (PFWG public page):
UAWG provides input on accessibility requirements with regard to W3C technologies for which PFWG manages dependencies;
Co-Chairs: Al Gilman and Daniel Dardailler
Refer to comments from Al Gilman (this is just one of many).
(WAI) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines WG
UAWG ensures that the "until user agent" clauses in WCAG are addressed in user agents
Co-Chairs: Jason White and Gregg Vanderheiden,
(WAI) Authoring Tool Guidelines WG
UAWG coordinates on common component of user interface accessibility
Chair: Jutta Treviranus
(WAI) Education & Outreach WG
EOWG will assist in promoting awareness & implementation of User Agent Accessibility Guidelines
Chair: Judy Brewer
CSS/FP WG (CSS public page)
UAWG will provide input on accessibility requirements in CSS
DOM WG (DOM public page)
UAWG will provide input on accessibility requirements for DOM
HTML WG (HTML public page)
UAWG will provide input on potential improvements to XHTML accessibility features.
Mobile Access IG
UAWG and Mobile Access IG will coordinate to ensure consistent approaches on guidelines development and on CC/PP (Composite Capability Preferences Profile);
MathML WG (MathML public page)
UAWG will provide input on accessibility requirements for MathML
SYMM WG (SYMM public page)
UAWG will provide input on accessibility requirements in SMIL
Voice Browsing WG (Voice Browser public page)
UAWG will provide input on accessibility requirements in Voice Browsing
Refer to I18N notes from Martin Dürst and comment from Al Gilman.

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