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Reviewers of Candidate Recommendation UA Guidelines

This document will be used to organize and track reviews of the User Agent Guidelines Candidate Recommendation. Note. This page is provided for convenience only. The definitive record of comments to the Working Group is the w3c-wai-ua mailing list archive.

Note. The following links will be updated once Candidate Recommendation begins.

Refer to the Issues list for documentation of issues raised and their resolutions.

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About the Candidate Recommendation (CR) Review

The goals of the CR review were discussed at the 12 January UAGL teleconference:

Please refer to the description of Candidate Recommendation in the 11 November 1999 Procses document.


Each reviewer entry indicates:

General purpose user agent developers

Dick Brown (Microsoft Accessibility, dickb@microsoft.com)
Håkon Wium Lee (Operasoft howcome@operasoft.com)
Christopher Blizzard by way of Sherry Wang (Redhat: blizzard@redhat.com; IBM, xiaotong@us.ibm.com)
Lakespur Rocca (Netscape, lake@netscape.com )
T.V. Raman (IBM, ramantv@earthlink.net)
Markku T. Hakkinen (Productivity Works, hakkinen@dev.prodworks.com)
Cathy Laws and Kip Harris(IBM Special Needs, claws@us.ibm.com)
Sheela Sethuraman (CAST, ssethuraman@cast.org)
Steve McAdoo or Shawn Morrissey (Real Networks, smcadoo@prognet.com or smorrissey@prognet.com )

Assistive technology developers

Glen Gordon (Henter-Joyce, gleng@hj.com )
Doug Geoffrey (GW Micro, doug@gwmicro.com)
Kathy Gargagliano or Dale McDaniel (Artic Technologies, 248-588-7370 or kathy@artictech.com)
Gareth Collins (Dolphin Computer Access, gareth@dolphinusa.com)
Ben Weiss and Jim Edwards (AI Squared, bweiss@aisquared.com and jim@nycap.rr.com)
David Bradburn (Kurzweil Educational Systems, dbradburn@lhsl.com )
Jill ??? (SYNTHA-VOICE Computers, files@synthavoice.on.ca)
Daniel Simkovitz (Visionware Software, Inc., dan@largeprint.com)
Hans Riesebos (Alva Corporation, HRiesebos@alva-bv.nl)
Mary P Zajicek (The Speech Project, mzajicek@brookes.ac.uk)