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Reviewers of Last Call UA Guidelines

This document lists potential and actual of the last call Working Draft of the User Agent Accessibility Guidelines. Note. This page is provided for convenience only. The definitive record of comments is the w3c-wai-ua mailing list archive.

Refer to the Issues list for documentation of issues raised and their resolutions.

Here are some of the calls for review of the last call UAGL:

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Completed Reviews

From invited reviewers

The following people were invited to review the document individually and completed their reviews.

Patrick Burke
Organization: UCLA
Reference: Al Gilman
Jim Fruchterman
Organization: Arkenstone
E-mail: jim@arkenstone.org
John Gardner(11/2/99)
Organization: Oregon State University
E-mail: john.gardner@orst.edu
Markku T. Hakkinen(11/2/99)
E-mail: hakkinen@prodworks.com
Chuck Hitchcock
Organization: CAST, Inc.
E-mail: chitchcock@cast.org
Geoff Freed (11/2/99)
Organization: CPB/WGBH National Center for Accessible Media
E-mail: geoff_freed@wgbh.org
Earl Johnson
Organization: SUN
E-mail: Earl.Johnson@Eng.Sun.COM
Peter Korn
Organization: SUN
E-mail: Peter.Korn@Eng.Sun.COM
Håkon Wium Lie (11/3/99)
Organization: Opera Software
E-mail: howcome@opera.com
Steve McAdoo
Organization: Real Networks
E-mail: madaus@real.com
Originally confirmed: George Madaus
Richard Premack (11/3/99)
Organization: Internext phone browser
E-mail: richardp@akamail.com
Reference: David Poehlman
Liam Quinn
Organization: Web Design Group
Reference: Harvey Bingham
T.V. Raman
Organization: IBM Research: Human Language Technologies
E-mail: tvraman@us.ibm.com
Lakespur Roca
Organization: Netscape
E-mail: lake@netscape.com
Terry Sullivan
E-mail: terry@pantos.org
Reference: Bryan Campbell
Gregg Vanderheiden(11/2/99)
Organization: Trace Center
E-mail: gv@trace.wisc.edu

From other reviewers

The following people also submitted reviews. Thank you!

Reviews outstanding

From confirmed reviewers

The following people confirmed that they would review the Guidelines but have not.

Doug Geoffray
E-mail: geoffray@gwmicro.com
Ben Wiess
Organization:AI Squared
E-mail: bweiss@aisquared.co
Fraser Shein
Title: Coordinator, Microcomputer Applications Program
Organization: Bloorview MacMillan Centre
E-mail: Fraser_shein@msn.com
Bryan Campbell
E-mail: bryany@pathcom.com
Mike Paciello
E-mail: paciello@pop.ma.ultranet.com
Reference: Harvey Bingham
Janina Sajka
Title: Director of Information Systems Research and Development
Organization: AFB
E-mail: janina@afb.net
Reference: Kitch Barnicle
Eric Freese
Organization: Electronic Data Foundry
E-mail: efreese@datafoundry.com
Reference: Harvey Bingham
Patrick Sheehan (11/2/99)
Organization: Veterans Administration
E-mail: pat.sheehan@mail.va.gov
Reference: Al Gilman
Constantine Stephanidis (11/8/99)
Organization: Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas
E-mail: cs@ics.forth.gr
Linda Boyer (11/8/99)
Organization: IBM ViaVoice group
Reference: Rich Schwerdtfege
Steve Anderson
Organization: Dragon Systems
Reference: Harvey Bingham
Mary Beth Janes
Organization: Apple Computer
E-mail: mjanes@apple.com
Reference: Mark Novak
Steven Mendelsohn
E-mail: smendel@panix.com
Reference: Susan Goodman, UCP, sgoodman@ucpa.org
David Clark
Organization: CAST
E-mail: dmclark@cast.org

From invited reviewers

The following people were invited to review the Guidelines but have not.

Chris Wilson
Organization: Microsoft Internet Explorer Team
E-mail: cwilso@MICROSOFT.com
Tim Lacy
Organization: Microsoft Accessibility Team
Barry Smith
Title: Program manager
Organization: Conversa
E-mail: Barrys@conversa.com
Curtis Chong
Organization: NFB
E-mail: chong99@concentric.net
Peter Young
Organization: JBliss Imaging Systems
E-mail: pyoung@ix.netcom.com
Alan Cantor
Organization: Cantor + Associates
E-mail: acantor@interlog.com
Urlene Hughes
Organization: American Council of the Blind
Reference:David Poehlman
Judith Dixon
Organization: Library of Congress
Reference: Harvey Bingham
Ralph Ferris
Organization: Fujitsu
E-mail: ralph@fsc.fujitsu.com
Bill Smith
E-mail: Bill.Smith@eng.Sun.COM
Reference: Harvey Bingham
Foteos Macrides
Organization: Worcester Foundation for Biomedical Research (lynx developer)
Reference: Gregory J. Rosmaita
Klaus Weide
Organization: Lynx Developer
Reference:Gregory J. Rosmaita
Wayne Buttles
Organization: Lynx Developer
Reference: Gregory J. Rosmaita
Kelly Ford
Organization: WebWatch
Reference: Al Gilman
Mary Zajicek
E-mail: mzajicek@brookes.ac.uk

W3C Dependencies

(WAI) Protocols & Formats WG (PFWG public page):
UAWG provides input on accessibility requirements with regard to W3C technologies for which PFWG manages dependencies;
Co-Chairs: Al Gilman and Daniel Dardailler
(WAI) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines WG
UAWG ensures that the "until user agent" clauses in WCAG are addressed in user agents. Refer to coordination issues with Web Content Guidelines.
Co-Chairs: Chuck Letourneau and Gregg Vanderheiden,
(WAI) Authoring Tool Guidelines WG
UAWG coordinates on common component of user interface accessibility
Chair: Jutta Treviranus
Discussed 1 December teleconf. No resolution.
(WAI) Education & Outreach WG
EOWG will assist in promoting awareness & implementation of User Agent Accessibility Guidelines
Chair: Judy Brewer
2 December call for review to EO WG
CSS/FP WG (CSS public page)
UAWG will provide input on accessibility requirements in CSS
Discussed at 29 November CSS teleconf
DOM WG (DOM public page)
UAWG will provide input on accessibility requirements for DOM
DOM comments
I18N Working Group
The I18N WG offered to review the Guidelines.
Comments from Martin Dürst: I18N Part I, I18N Part II, I18N Part III
Mobile Access IG comments
HTML WG (HTML public page)
UAWG will provide input on potential improvements to XHTML accessibility features.
Comment from Steven Pemberton Another comment from Steven Pemberton
Mobile Access IG
UAWG and Mobile Access IG will coordinate to ensure consistent approaches on guidelines development and on CC/PP (Composite Capability Preferences Profile);
Mobile Access IG comments
MathML WG (MathML public page)
UAWG will provide input on accessibility requirements for MathML
SYMM WG (SYMM public page)
UAWG will provide input on accessibility requirements in SMIL
SYMM WG comments.
Voice Browsing WG (Voice Browser public page)
UAWG will provide input on accessibility requirements in Voice Browsing .
2 December: Jim Larson sends call for review to Voice WG (Member only link).