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WAI UA Telecon for December 16th, 1998

Chair: Jon Gunderson
Date: Wednesday, December 16th
Time: 12:00 noon to1:00 pm Eastern Standard Time
Call-in: (+1) 617/258-7910


12:00-12:10 Use of telecon and list for resolving issues

12:10-12:30 Media types for defining techniques

12:30-1:00 Planning for moving to proposed recommendation


Action Items and Conclusions


Welcome to Richard Premack joining us for the first time

1) Media types http://www.w3.org/TR/REC-CSS2/media.html#media-types

IJ: We're missing a definition of "tty" (which, in CSS, is defined as a list of properties, not an informative description of the target medium).

CMN: I'm more comfortable with a general formulation. Wants to move 1.1 of techniques document into guidelines document.

IJ: I agree. But English language descriptions won't work. Definitions in English will be incomplete, imprecise, and soon out-of-date.

RP: Wouldn't it be difficult to come up with a universally acceptable set of properties for UAs? Wouldn't that be dependent on the content being accessed?

CMN: I suggest that we specifically not define media types.

JG: Can't do that if we use media types as part of conformance.

CMN: We need to us a general formulation of the applicability of techniques. If we make too explicit, removes the possibility of a common sense approach to gauging conformance.

IJ: I propose: 1) WG chooses N subgroups of techniques and gives each one a media type (call themUA type name) 2) A UA can conform to any of those UA types. It's just a list (with informative text describing the intended meaning of the UA type).

CMN: I hate the proposal. How to deal with "haptic" devices or other specialized devices? Are we going to define every possible device?

JG: No, let's define what's useful today and the guidelines will evolve as technologies evolve.

RP: Is there a certification process? I

J: Not at W3C.

IJ: Add last case (for other conformance) that is the current text of 1.1 in the techniques document. This weakens the spec if we allow people to use the "default" case. Action Ian: Send an initial proposal to the WG today.

2) NOTE: Next teleconference is 6 January 1999.

3) How to resolve issues from the issues list? See Jon's proposal: http://www.w3.org/WAI/UA/1998/12/wai-ua-f2f-19981211.html#action-telecons

JG: Max number of techniques per week approx 10.

SL: What happens when people don't show up?

JG: Participation possible on the list.

IJ: People in the group are expected to attend teleconfs. They can always participate by email, but if they miss a call, they miss the call.

SL: Please clarify this process on the email list.

IJ: Why "max"?

KH: Because it's a volunteer operation. The problem is the amount of email.

KH: I don't want "resolution on 10" if that means clear consensus on 4 issues and pushing the other six to meet a target.

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