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WAI UA Telecon for September 16th, 1998

Chair: Jon Gunderson
Date: Wednesday, September 16th
Time: 12:00am to 1:00 Eastern Standard Time
Call-in: +1-617-252-1038


12:00-12:10 Update on reformatting

12:10-1:00 Keyboard navigation


Harvey Bingham

Marja-Riitta Koivunen

Daniel Dardailler

Jon Gunderson

Kathy Hewitt

Markku T. Hakkinen

Scott Luebking

Jim Allan

Action Items and Conclusions

Update guidelines by next week

Agenda Items for Future Meetings


JG: Discussion time

SL: Keyboard navigation e-mail. Any questions.

HB: Concern about spanning cells.

Internationalization issues

How do people skip over scanned tables

SL: the way I was approach it that there would be information about the cell being spanned

HB: that's not what is in the HTML

SL: That is subject to interpretation

JG: How is the position feedback to the user

HB: What about the

MK: Should have more consistency

MH: We will not limit ourselves but what the guidelines, we are doing something better

SL: Navigation and rendering are tied together

HB: HTML 4.0 blurs navigation and rendering

SL: I was not sure how to integrate header information

SL: How often to people want to go from the body to the header section. Move up to the header section and move down to the body section.

HB: What types of rules

SL: I think there is a way of talking to about

MK: The information in HTML in there are specifications for cell orientation

SL: The user doesn't need to go to the top for the row information

The header information is rendered in the cell. The user could configure this in their browser.

MK: I don't think you want to jump back and forth

HB: The current linearization provides for that.

MK: Same with a table that crosses 2 pieces of paper.

HB: Want user option to query table coordinates and headers

SL: Depends on the type of tables, should put headers in the cells

HB: I am going to spanning more than row. The user agent my render a compound information for that row.

MK: Hierarchy of titles

SL: One of the suggestions I had was to mark a cell, and return to a previous cell.

Focus on navigation within a body, more navigation commands within a body. Can return to the last body cell.

HB: That there be row descriptions about the column as it changes

MK: What more do you get when you go to the header

SL: What do you get when have multiple headers

HB: The user should not need to remember how big spans are

JG: What about signal should be given to the 3rd party assistive technology

HB: What the end result should be should be specified

MH: We want to know what the end results

KH: The user agent needs from a browser, rather than how something should be implemented

SL: The navigation that is required cannot be handled on a purely keystroke basis

Requiring the person

MH: We will provide information about the size of the table. People want to only know what they need to know and a way to get more information. You need different types of keyboard models for different types of users.

SL: What are core functionality?

MK: There are only three columns.

JG: What about selection and focus

MH: We are

JG: Selection and focus, should they be included

KH: Highlighting or moving the cursor are two different ways to indicate

HB: Some people would like to hide columns or collapse columns. Is that a user control we would like to have.

SL: There might be a way through user navigation.

HB: I am thinking of a magnified window.

MK: I think this would be handy

On a very small screen it would be useful

SL: Gets tricky with spanned cells

HB: For no spanned cells

JG: Keep the headers

HB: Just related to cell distances, how do people know they are gone

SL: Should they be hidden or moved

MK: They should be collapsed

HB: Some information on that something has disappeared

Allow the user to

JG: Kathy

KH: Windows 98 moving the keyboard focus.

JG: Selection and focus

MH: There is no difference between focus and selection.

If you want to decompose a selection into sub information

You can query images for alt or longdesc

HB: Mark you have given a lot of thought, some

JG: I need to get these topics in my head space

Discussion about collapsing tables:

temporary hiding or collapsing a rows or column

JG: New topics brought up for future telecons





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