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UA Telecon for July, 29th, 1998

Chair: Jon Gunderson
Date: Wednesday, July 29
Time: 11:00am to 12:00 noon Eastern Standard Time
Call-in: +1-617-252-1038


11:00-11:10 Review of Face-to-Face (Kitch)

11:10-11:20 Discussion of UA WD Goals

Main issues:

  1. Target dates
  2. Scope of recommendations (HTML, CSS and others?)
  3. How to reach goals.

11:20-11:30 Review and prioritization of current issues list

11:30-1:55 Discussion of Issues

11:55-12:00 Define Action items


Action Items and Conclusions

Next working draft of UA guidelines should include accessibility information on:

Add CSS1 implementation priority to guidelines (Jon Gunderson)

Coordinate tables issue with other working groups on tables

Keyboard access issues

  1. Kitch will contact Dragon Dictate to see what they are doing
  2. Jon Gunderson will contact CO to see if there is anybody in MS Speech group that would be willing to help
  3. Jon Gunderson will try to find somebody to review current keyboard access specifications in WD

Chuck Oppermann agreed to be UA liaison to DOM working group


KB: There were many new people at meetings. Difficult to go right to technical issues, since time was needed to introduce what WAI is about

JB: WG needs to focus on UA issues and not on discussing process issues

Proposed: HTML, CSS coverage in WD and Proposed Recommendation

CO: what CSS1 are important: blocking, layout

DD: all CSS properties that layout

JB: all of CSS1 and CSS2 related to fonts, colors and formatting

JB: to page authors what they can use in CSS, need all of CSS1

CSS2 needs to be more specific

DD: We cannot pick and chose CSS1, it is a year old, CSS1 is not that big of a deal

CO: MS managers will want priorities on CSS1, if they don't have priorities they may not prioritize based on WAI concerns

JB: should recommend full CSS1 implementation, and then prioritization of CSS2

JG: is compatibility between browsers a problem for CSS1

JB and DD: not a problem for CSS1

CO: CSS1 is not a problem

JB: dynamic html

DD: change events as been discussed in DOM group

DD: expose DOM and accessibility API for access to DHTML

CO: Windows 98 magnifier can follow events

CO: DHTML is growing in importance. Its like being at the entrance of a big cave. You know its big, but not clear what is inside.

take a slice of the pie of the DHTML pie

how can we get mouse events to move to keyboard events

P&F is reviewing , UA should review after P&F have reviewed the the DOM specs

DD: W3C is not dealing with scripting language and therefore difficult to make specific recommendations on scripting

W3C only has control of DOM

Surprised that CO is pushing for keyboard access in UA for DHTML

CO: in this case

there is a separation ofwhat I think AT and UA should provide

The accessibility aids be facilitated by UA

The UA should be provide keyboard

DD: Navigation of headers

CO: Nobody has ever asked me to have access to headers

JG and DD: most pages are documents and headers are useful and it is in the current guidelines

DD: User agent I/O issues are important

CO: UA should provide keyboard access

In the future Accessibility may need to provide keyboard access, as more products ignore keyboard support

Mouse specific aids

Output reformatting is an accessibility aid responsibility

JA: two separate versions of the implementation of Dynamic html

it's hard to develop guidelines for current browsers

JG: mouse events

JA: mouse events are important to have in guidelines

JG: consensus on having recommendations related to mouse events

CO: user agent should deal more with dom after P&F;

JG: consensus new WD this fall and proposed recommendation this winter

JG: distribute work load

DD: is forming group to look at tables, cross group, PA, UA, AU, Assistive tech

CO: I want to be involved in that group, active accessibility is trying to define structure for grids and tables

DD: this is part of the ER group

CO: you want to

DD: assumes there is a model, is it enough

CO: Would be willing to be the DOM liaisons

DD: I am part of a cross working group looking at the tables issue

KB: Contact Dragon Dictate

JG: Find somebody to review keyboard access and update WD and issues list

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