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How to join the Web Content Guidelines Working Group


  1. Read the Web Content Guidelines Working Group home page.
  2. Read the Working Group Charter. In particular, read the section on requirements for participation in the Working Group. Note the group is expected to last through June 2001. Working group participants are expected to commit 4 hours per week to the working group. If you are unable to commit this much time, read "How to become a WCAG Invited Expert in a Reviewer role."
  3. If the Working Group home page does not answer your questions, contact one of the Chairs, Gregg Vanderheiden or Jason White and/or the Team Contact, Wendy Chisholm.

Request to Join

To join the WAI Web Content Guidelines Working Group, send the information requested below to gv@trace.wisc.edu, jasonw@ariel.ucs.unimelb.edu.au and wendy@w3.org, and cc w3c-wai-gl@w3.org. If you work for a W3C Member organization, cc your your AC Rep as well. Use the subject "Request to Join".

Given Name:

Family Name:

Email Address:

Office Telephone Number:

Employer / Organization:

Indicate whether your organization is a W3C Member:

Area of interest: (Non W3C members please state area of expertise)

[ ] develop Web content on a regular basis,

[ ] work with people with disabilities who use the Web,

[ ] have a disability and regularly use the Web,

[ ] instruct people on developing Web content,

[ ]or have general usability, development, or accessibility knowledge

[ ] I have read the WC Guidelines Working Group Charter and agree to the participation criteria therein (please indicate the revision date of the charter, e.g., 2000/01/21).

Intellectual Property Rights (check one):

[ ] To the best of my knowledge, I believe my organization does not have any IPR claims regarding guidelines for the accessibility of Web content.

[ ] To the best of my knowledge, I believe my organization has the following IPR claims regarding guidelines for the accessibility of Web content. (Please specify)

Note. The 11 November 1999 Process Document also asks that any IPR claims known to the future participant to be pertinent to the Working Group's work be sent to patent-issues@w3.org in addition to the request to join.

How to become a WCAG WG Invited Expert - Reviewer

We realize that many people are unable to commit 4 hours per week to a voluntary project. To encourage participation by a wide variety of people, we have created a "reviewer" role for invited experts to participate in this working group.

Refer to section 3.3.1 of the Process document for more information about the role of Invited Experts in working groups. The following quote from this section of the Process document outlines the voting rights of an Invited Expert who is not a member in good standing:

The Chair may ask an invited expert (who may or may not belong to a Member organization) to participate in a Working Group on a one-time basis. They may not participate in Working Group votes. One-time participation implies no commitment from the participant nor does it imply future participation or invitation to Working Group meetings.

Reviewers will be sent materials for review based on their particular interests and expertise. These materials will have specific questions for the reviewer to consider. We anticipate that a reviewer could go for months without hearing from us or hear from us a couple times in one month depending on which issues are under discussion. Reviewers may also be invited to specific teleconference discussions.

Please fill out a request to join as suggested above along with the following information:

[ ] I would like to join the working group as an Invited Expert - Reviewer.

My specific areas of interest are:

[ ] Issues for people with visual disabilities

[ ] Issues for people with cognitive, learning, and intellectual disabilities

[ ] Issues for people with communication disabilities

[ ] Issues for people with hearing disabilities

[ ] Issues for people with physical disabilities

[ ] Assistive technology

[ ] Graphic Design

[ ] Non-W3C technologies (Flash, PDF, ECMA/JavaScript, Java, etc.)

[ ] Usability testing

[ ] Other. Please explain.


If you work for a W3C Member organization, your AC Representative should confirm by replying to you, the Chair, and the W3C Team (staff) contact.

More information

For general information about W3C Process, please consult the Process Document and in particular general information about W3C Working Groups.

If you work for a W3C Member organization, you can find more information about joining W3C Working Groups in the W3C Guidebook.

Wendy Chisholm (wendy@w3.org)

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