Notes on WCAG 2.0 Core Techniques

We (Jenae and Wendy) went through the existing Core Techniques for WCAG 1.0 to figure out where the pieces will fit in the WCAG 2.0 model. Here are our notes.

Text Equivalents

Do away with some sections?


Alternative pages

Questions about 2.0 success criteria


section 5 of Core Techniques: Comprehension

What about separate document for this? e.g. "Techniques for Comprehension" or "Techniques for making your document easier to understand?"

Browser support

The section in Core is fairly worthless. It will be replaced by techniques for Checkpoint 5.2 Design for backward compatibility. Determining baseline capabilities could exist on its own and seems not technology-specific. Refer to resources like the WebReview CSS compatibility charts.

12 Technologies Reviewed for Accessibility

This section replaced by references to XAG for XML vocabularies. What about other technologies?

13 Audio and Video and 15 Visual information and motion and 16 Collated text transcripts

yikes, how did that section end up empty?? probably a mislabeling of the headers...

this section will mostly be in the SMIL techniques, right? Perhaps also in SVG techniques (related to animation)?

Move to technology-specifics with lots of references off to other sites, e.g. NCAM.

$Date: 2002/07/26 23:29:14 $ Wendy Chisholm and Jenae Andershonis