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Review of Web Site Accessibility -- Planning

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Last updated August 9, 2002 by Judy Brewer (jbrewer @ w3.org) -- but most info still from January 20, 2000
Original draft incorporates material developed by Sylvie Duchateau and Dominique Burger -- more detail in background


There is an increasing need for human review of Web site accessibility to augment semi-automatic accessibility checkers. WAI's Education and Outreach Working Group (EOWG) is collecting information and ideas in this planning document on how to establish consistent review methods. Please comment on this document to wai-eo-editors @w3.org. EOWG will develop a separate document describing recommended review team process.


New info from july 30 2002:

[This new information needs to be integrated into the planning approach described in this document]

NOTE: This is a draft! Addresses, document names, and processes introduced in this document may change.
Develop a recommended process for WCAG-conformant reviews, and provide enough support to enable a variety of review groups to form, to utilize this process, and deliver reliable and consistent results. Note that the development of a WAI Gallery is addressed separately. Here's how we might do this (the following items could all move forward at the same time): [Caution: the approaches described below are old material, and may change.


Who's Interested So Far...

[20020809 Note that this list is very outdated, and may not be maintained in a similar format] 
The following individuals and organizations have expressed interest in helping to develop review groups or in performing reviews. If you would like your name to be added, please contact wai@w3.org. Expression of interest here does not imply an endorsement of an individual or group's review expertise.

Review Lists

For more detail go to "Approach" above, but here's a summary:


The concept for a WAI Gallery is described separately; however there would be close coordination between these two areas.

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