EOWG face-to-face Meeting,
February 28 - March 1, 2002

[Note: minutes still not complete. These are preliminary -- Andrew, Judy]

Participants - Thursday, 28 February 2002

28 February 2002 AM session

Commenced at 0900hrs - AA took morning notes

Overview of Education and Outreach - JB

Amsterdam meeting (June 2001) report

EO Deliverables under development

COFFEE BREAK - 1030hrs - happy birthday sung to Andrew

Discussion of Projects and Priorities continued

Implementation Planning Resource Suite

JB walked meeting through the suite as a whole:

Evaluating Sites

LUNCH BREAK - 12:40hrs

28 February 2002 PM session

Post Lunch - HB & AA took notes

extra participants in post-lunch session

Best Practices Superset

"A rudimentary initial definition is highlighting a core of best practices in design or development of Web content or Web-based applications, potentially overlapping different areas such as accessibility, device independence, internationalization, use of metadata, etc. Such a "superset" might be tied together by no more than collective demonstration in model templates, or by any one of a number of more organized strategies for linkage and co-promoting."

Source: http://www.w3.org/WAI/EO/2002/02-agenda.html#superset


JB - In 2002 we are finding that organizations have started Web Accessibility and are interested in other issues in conjunction with accessibility, e.g.I18N, Privacy, metadata, etc. So the idea of superguidelines has been floated.
I18N Best Practice Workshop in DC 3 weeks ago, started discussion on Best Practice - hope for some ideas and comments from this meeting.
When we started promoting Web Accessibility we talked about that one should have a policy. Today the situation is different there is a policy regarding Web Accessibility or they are working on it, they want to be able to combine it with usability, Internationalization and Privacy. Co-operation can be done in many ways in W3C. Best Practice could be a superset of recommendations.

BREAK - 1530hrs

EV & AA took notes for last session on Thursday
(NB. Eric's notes still to need to be cross-checked with those below)

extra participants in late-afternoon session



WAI getting better known; WCAG being adopted (especially by Government); not easy to evaluate a site; orgs/businesses starting to do evaluation fee/free; some looking for formal recognition/endorsement or org/work;
- what are some of the question/possibilities for certification

CLOSED the discussion at 1745 hours

Participants - Friday, 1 March 2002

Morning Session - Notes by AA &

JB, Judy Brewer, W3C/WAI Team

AA, Andrew Arch, Vision Australia Foundation

HS, Henk Snetselaar, Bartimeus Accessibility, Netherlands

EV, Eric Velleman, Bartimeus Accessibility, Netherlands

SB, Steve Bratt, W3C Chief Operating Officer

HJ, Harald Joergensen, Norwegian Agency for Health and Society

KS, Kristian Skauli, Norwegian Agency for Health and Society

NL, Natasha Lipkina, Hewlett Packard, USA

SD, Sylvie Duchateau, BrailleNet, France

JC, Jonathon Chetwynd, Signbrowser, UK

WC, Wendy Chisholm, W3C WAI team

LN, Liddy Nevile, IMS Global

HB, Helle Bjarno, Visual Impairment Knowledge Center, Denmark

JLC, Jean-Louis Carves, IBM France

PJ, Phill Jenkins, IBM Accessibility center, USA

TB, Tim Boland,

KSH, Katie Haritos-Shea

BAC, Blanca Alcanda Correa, Fundosa Nuevas Technologies, Spain

AJ, Antonio Gimenez, SIDAR, Spain

JH, Julie Howell, Royal National Institute for the Blind, UK

JC, Jessica Cree, Royal National Institute for the Blind, UK

MH, Mark Hakkinen, W3C team

Outreach Updates

Norway - Kristian/Harald

France - Sylvie

Denmark - Helle

Netherlands - Henk/Erik

IBM Europe - Jean-Loius

Jonathon Chetwynd

Hewlet Packard - Natasha

WC - WWAAC working on guidelines for people with learning disabilities
(see: www.ace-centre.org.uk/html/research/wwaac/wwaac.html)

Spain - Blanca/Antonio

Australia - Andrew

Liddy - IMS Global

1100hrs 1 March morning session 2

Wendy - WCAG2.0


Minutes after lunch - 1 March 2002

Notes taken by Kristian Skauli


Demographics (cont'd)

Roundtable (cont'd)

Julie: campaigne officer RNIB, UK

Recent activities:

Jonathan Chetwynd (UK, Learning diff.)

Best pratices, afterthoughts


eEurope Action Plan

URL: http://europa.eu.int/

Harmonization of guidelines

Is the trend incr or decre. fragmentazion?

JB:Other things/issues?

Training on eval., retrofitt., developm.