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EOWG Minutes, January 26, 2001



Outreach Updates

WL: Desire an accessibility contact in the Whitehouse. Jonathan Young had had that role.


WL: My new draft variant is at: .

JB: Current working draft is at:

JB: Need guidance on ordering and distribution, of flyer and quick tips.

JB: Goal: Reduce flyer content by 50%. Change layout. Designer will improve it. Keep to a single one-sided flat sheet.

JB: Single WAI URL can replace the many URLs.

WL: Doesn't make sense as an on-line version.

JB: Probably have printable versions: pdf, etc. Problem with others reprinting, asProblem with others reprinting, as W3C requires its colored logo.

WL: Needs "Blank space" in the design.

AK: Is issue: Web Accessibility Initiative?

JB: Yes, interest in this WAI domain.

AK: Get rid of URLs and some acronyms, and version numbers Presentation is "everything."

JB: First section, too many lists.

CL: Tim's quote tersely asserts much of the first paragraph content.

WL: Remove first sentence, it has become a cliche.

LL: Who is our audience?

WL: Now just a framework.

CL: Could be a folded brochure.

JB: Keep as a flyer. Then use back for quick tips.

WL: New layout, proprose: Problems column and Solutions column.

HB: Like that design, though can make an accessibility reading order problem.

AK: WAI description: Para 1 start with second sentence.

JB: Start with Para 2.

LL: Start introducing W3C recognizing WAI is needed.

JB: Unusual to start with a negative problem statement.

LL: We're here to make sure that everyone can use the web. We are the committee addressing this problem.

WL: Tim's quote addresses this.

JB: Para 1, Sentence 2 + Para 3. Rest is secondary.

JB: Need to introduce what W3C is.

LL: We get our credibility through W3C. We need to sell this concept that accessibility is a world-wide concern.

JB: We could emphasize the international marketplace as well.

JB: No one has commented on Para 2 sentence 2. on "other users".

WL: World is committed to do that anyhow.

LL: WAI techniques permit universal access, Needn't denigrate flashy presentations, and the designers who are being trained to produce them.

HB: Para 2. "promote"

JB: W3C promotes web accessibility solutions that improve useability for everyone.

JB: Para 3. "in coordination with ..."

LL: [Leaving: 9:20]

CL: Blind or someone in the wheelchair.

JB: Cross-disability is important.

WL: Using web is hard for people with... We're going to make it easier.

JB: Drop "in coordination."

JB: Complementary activities through ...

MK: W3C Increases accessibility to the web through ...

JB: Must include "participatory" Many projects do own work in own closed group. W3C is gathering place, you too can join in.

MK: Participation section...

JB: WAI works with industry, many can participate.

WL: under resources: "You ... too may join."

WAI Resources

JB: Simplify strip out the " 1.0:" version.

JB: Summarizing:
Put URL to resources into headings.
Have a participation page and point to it.
Simplify additional resources.
Keep "how people with disabilities"

AK: Making web sites accessible as alternativ for getting started:

MK: Need a startup page.

JB: Rename as "How to make accessible web sites"

WL: Making this a recruiting website. Want readers to become a welcome contributor.

JB: Take out "Guidelines 1.0"

MK: Leave Curriculum on Accessible Web Design

CL: Needn't echo what titles actually

MK: Need to know how to get started.

JB: Short form: Getting started, curriculum, evaluation tools,

CL: Policies (opaque name)

WL: It's the law

WL: Omit "Planning",

JB: Omit "Training" we don't run such.

JB: Quick Tips (see back of flyer)

HB: Needn't have section on front about Quick Tips. Just its mention as resource.

AK: Put that info about Quick Tips info on back of flyer.

Participation Section

JB: This is a needed new section.

JB: We have a page so-called. Send them there. WAI works in coordination with ... Many opportunities to participate, email, working groups, etc. "WAI welcomes your participation"

WL: Include concept from National Public Radio: "Viewers like you...".

JB: Want this for pre-stuffing at CSUN. Reactions to this redesign:



AK: How to begin it: Avoid talking about barriers. Universal design and accessibility. Good design considers all users. ...
ACTION: Will post this much more lengthy statement to list.

JB: Confusion of terms:
In Europe: "design for all", vs
North America: "universal design".

WL: Make sure that "Useable and accessible not equated with pedestrian, boring.

HB: The design by WL uses two-column, and some bulleted lists as design encouragement. Interest, but can be barrier for some reading devices.

Business Case

JB: See:


WL: In body, will have something covering policy.

JB: Getting offers from governments to provide their implemention plans.

CL: Prefer reorganized content

WL: This is a "meta" business case building model

JB: May have some mini-samples.

WL: Train people to design own business cases.

JB: Appendices to include demographics.

HB: These are "success" stories.

JB: Any volunteers to develop some of these modules.

WL: Who have built #1 Customized business case."

JB: How build front page, how to plan training.

JB: More pointers. People with drastically different needs, country to country. Also, by sector (buiness, government, non-profit).

WL: Need a "Da?"

JB: Why?

WL: Motivator, put as chapter 0.

JB: Marketplace, universal carryover design requirements, visibility-leadership.

WL: Left out: personal homepages.

CL: Needn't give business case.

AK: Want people to design pages for accessibility.

WL: Why should they?

JB: We don't mention education, media.

JB: Top page we highlight 4 types.

WL: Education is government? "Official" Personal web pages need this too.

AK: Those aren't part of the "business case"

WL: All ISPs hawk that you can have your own web site. These too are important. Will submit some text.

JB: Otherwise, put on the "how to build a customized personal page."

JB: Implementation separated from Business Plan.

CL: Natural to separate them out, In Canadian government, business case is no longer issue. Now need help with implementation.

WL: Design of business plan, not of web site.

JB: Separation, includes outline of business plan and resource estimate to carry it out. They are separate things. You may need both business plan and implementation plan. You may be able to drop the first once it is accepted.

CL: Will get draft of a plan for implementation from one government agency in next one to four weeks. If they give permission to share, that may be usable. Possibly won't get permission.

JB: Composites that do true case studies. Make more comprehensive.

CL: May be able to adapt some of it into composite.

Next meeting

JB: Next week.

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