ATAG Tester Training

Jeanne Spellman, W3C Web Accessibility Initiative

ATAG Tester Training

Jeanne Spellman, W3C Web Accessibility Initiative



The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is an international community that develops open standards, protocols and guidelines that ensure the long-term growth of the Web.

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Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)

One of its working groups is the Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines Working Group (AUWG)

Web Accessibility Initiative

Authoring Tools Accessibility Guidelines (ATAG) 2.0

authors following ATAG create accessible content for the web that meets WCAG

ATAG Overview

W3C Process

How WAI Develops Accessibility Guidelines through the W3C Process

Candidate Recommendation

AUWG home

Working with AUWG

AUWG home

The ATAG & WCAG Relationship

ATAG 2.0

ATAG at a Glance

ATAG at a Glance and ATAG 2.0

ATAG Structure


Implementing ATAG Part A

Follow accessibility guidelines (A.1)

Implementing A.1

Editing-views are perceivable (A.2)

Implementing A.2

Editing-views are operable (A.3)

Implementing A.3

Provide keyboard access to authoring features (A.3.1)

Provide authors with enough time (A.3.2)

Provide authors with enough time (A.3.2) - Part 2

Implementing ATAG A.3.2

Avoid flashing (A.3.3)

Implementing ATAG 2.0 A.3.3

Navigation and Search (A.3.4 & A.3.5)

Implementing ATAG 2.0 A.3.4 and A.3.5

Preferences (A.3.6) and Previews (A.3.7)

Implementing ATAG 2.0 A.3.6 and A.3.7

Editing-views are understandable (A.4)

Implementing ATAG 2.0 A.4.1 and A.4.2

Part A applicability notes

ATAG 2.0 Part A Applicability Notes

Part B - Produce Accessible Content

Automatic processes produce accessible content (B.1)

Implementing ATAG 2.0 B.1

Support Authors (B.2)

Implementing ATAG 2.0 B.2.1, B.2.2 and B.2.3

Accessible Templates (B.2.4) and Pre-Authored Content (B.2.5)

Implementing ATAG 2.0 B.2.4 and B.2.5

Checking and Repair (B.3)

Implementing ATAG 2.0 B.3.1 and B.3.2

Promote accessibility features (B.4)

Implementing ATAG 2.0 B.4

Part B Applicability Notes

ATAG 2.0 Part B Applicability Notes

Using the Test Harness

Connecting to the Test Harness

ATAG Test Harness home page

ATAG Test Harness home page

Quick Links

Other Useful Links

Evaluation Resources

Starting an evalution

From the ATAG Test Harness Home page:

  1. Click the Quick Link "Implementations"
  2. Find the tool that you will be testing from the list.
  3. Select the Evaluate link for that tool
  4. Whenever you want to return to that evaluation, you can select it from the My Evaluations page

implementations List

Sample list of Authoring Tools with Name in column 1 and the Evaluate link in column 6

Starting the Evaluation

  1. Choose the conformance level you want to evaluate - Get that from Jan or Jeanne - usually AA
  2. You can select which success criteria you want the Test Harness to prompt you for. You can select or deselect individual success criteria that you need.
  3. In general, it is better to start with all of them until you get a feel for what applies to a tool and what doesn't.
  4. Ignore the checkboxes to Choose technologies to evaluate
  5. Select the button "Begin Evaluation" (or "Clear Form" to start over).

Selecting the Success Criteria

Selecting the success criteria to evaluate

Evaluating an Authoring Tool

List of Success Criteria to test

links of the success criteria to evaluate

Individual Tests

A simple test

displays the instructions for the individual test

Testing for WCAG

Testing for WCAG

Finishing the Test

A WCAG test

displays the instructions for the individual test and a button to test for WCAG

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