Recently on the list.

  1. Simon: Require XSLT expressions to have the XSLT root node [Reagle's Prose Proposal]
  2. LaMacchia: Remove X509 and other non-mandatory KeyInfo element types.
  3. Reagle: Enumerated XML-Signature Conformance Requirements. Do we agree we formally define two things:
    1. XML Signature element type.
    2. XML Signature Application
  4. Gregor Karlinger:
    1. Removing SignatureProperties as they are superfluous.
    2. Only a single Cert per X509Data
  5. Merlin:  Proposal to make RetrievalMethod's encoding and type attributes optional.
  6. Owen: DTD Structures (parameter entities make it easier to create derivative application DTDs but can't be used in the internal subset.)
  7. Reagle: do PI style sheet declarations change the XML Instance's InfoSet? Should we move from SHOULD to MUST with respect to signing the content of stylesheet references?