E Changelog (Non-Normative)

This appendix lists substantive changes since the last publication of XForms 1.0. For greater detail on changes to the specification, consult the diff-marked HTML version.

E.1 Changes to Chapter Document Structure

This chapter previously occurred later in the specification. New WD namespace for XForms. New section on horizontally applicable markup. Elements previously named xform and model now named model and schema, respectively. Element submitInfo now contains a mediaTypeExtension and replace attributes. New content model for element model. Removed element bindings. All XLink usage now consists of simple links, and unqualified href attributes are explicitly prohibited.

E.2 Changes to Chapter Datatypes

New datatypes listitem and listitems, replacing datatype tokenList.

E.3 Changes to Chapter Constraints

This chapter was previously named "The XForms Model". Model item properties are now called XForms Constraints. All XForms Constraints now specify whether they apply to child nodes or not. Clarified relationship of Schema Constraints and attribute xsi:type.

E.4 Changes to Chapter XPath Expressions in XForms

New IDL method getInstanceData to allow script access to the instance data. Clarified the context in which XPath expressions are evaluated. Removed discussion on canonical binding expressions. New functions: if(), cursor(). Function average() is now avg(); xforms-property() is now property(). Clarification to the behavior of several functions. The section on extensibility has been removed, along with function function-available().

E.5 Changes to Chapter Form Controls

Added implementation requirements and data binding restrictions for all form controls. Removed form control selectBoolean. Updated content model of remaining list selection form controls. Removed element itemref; new content model for element item and element choices.

E.6 Changes to Chapter XForms Actions

All XForms Actions now bear XML Events attributes. Updated example of XForms Action usage. New actions: loadURI, message. Removed action scroll. Element action is now defined as a grouping for child actions. Re-wrote the processing for actions insert and delete. Numerous clarifications.

E.7 Changes to Chapter XForms User Interface

Added attribute selected to element case. New extended example of repeat. Clarification on permissible selection of nodes for repeat processing. Removed section on reusable form controls, including element component, defComponent, param, and valueOf.

E.8 Changes to Chapter Processing Model

This chapter has undergone significant revision since last publication. The diff-marked version of this chapter does not include indications of changes, due to the large amount of new material.

E.9 Changes to Chapter Conformance

This is a new chapter, with material formerly located in the Processing Model chapter.

E.10 Changes to Appendix Schema for XForms

19-Oct MJD <xforms:xform> (outermost in head) renamed to
19-Oct MJD <xforms:model> (schema container) renamed to <xforms:schema>
19-Oct MJD 'xform' attribute renamed to 'model' throughout
19-Oct MJD new content model for <xforms:model> : (instance)?, (schema)?, ( privacy | submitInfo | bind | action | extension )*
(note that <bindings> went away with this change)
19-Oct MJD added content model for <xforms:schema> : #other (though typically, it will be <xsd:schema>)
19-Oct MJD import (unofficial) XLink schema, add attribute 'xlink:href'
19-Oct MJD numerous defaulted XLink attributes; new xlink roles
19-Oct MJD make unqualified 'href' attribute prohibited
22-Oct MJD removed <itemref>, new content model for <item> ( <caption> and <value> ); no 'value' attribute
(note that this also removed choiceItemGroup)
22-Oct MJD mediaType attribute now is of type xsd:NMTOKENS
22-Oct MJD removed orphaned xforms:tokenList datatype
22-Oct MJD added xforms:listItem and xforms:listItems datatypes
23-Oct MJD removed linking attributes from <textarea> (typo fix)
23-Oct MJD changed content model of commonUIChildren: caption, ( help | hint | alert | action | extension )*
23-Oct MJD applied horzAttrs across all elements
23-Oct MJD made <caption>, <help>, <hint>, and <alert> simple XLinks
23-Oct MJD <submitInfo> encType attribute changed to mediaTypeExtension (takes qname-but-not-ncname, or default "none")
25-Oct MJD removed xlink:href attribute from <model> (this is a complex link; child elements have the hrefs)
27-Oct MJD added <true> and <false> elements; in content model of <selectBoolean> (instead of <choices>) xsd:all
27-Oct MJD changed commonUIChildren to optionalUIChildren; adjusted content models of form controls
01-Nov MJD removed attribute 'withResponse' from <submitInstance>
01-Nov MJD added attribute 'replace' to <submitInfo>
01-Nov MJD changed prefix from "xform" to "xforms"
02-Nov MJD added @submitInfo to <submitInstance> and form control <submit>
03-Nov MJD added bindFirstAttributes to <value> (typo fix)
03-Nov MJD changed content model of <choices> to (choices|item)+ (typo fix)
03-Nov MJD made the content model of <script> non-empty (typo fix)
13-Nov MJD made start and end on <range> optional
13-Nov MJD removed binding attributes from <button> and <submit>
13-Nov MJD added selection attribute to <selectOne> and <selectMany>
13-Nov MJD changed strings on selectUI
14-Nov MJD removed XForms Action <scroll>
14-Nov MJD added XForms Actions <loadURI> and <message>
14-Nov MJD added XForms Events attributes to all XForms Actions
14-Nov MJD adjusted the content model of all form controls with new XForms Actions
14-Nov MJD removed <component>, <defComponent>, <param>, and <valueOf>
14-Nov MJD removed <selectBoolean>, <true>, and <false>
15-Nov MJD Now using XML-Events-Schema.xsd
15-Nov MJD New element <itemset> (<repeat> for <item>s); adjusted content model of <selectOne>, <selectMany>
15-Nov MJD added "combo" to the possible choices for selectUI (typo fix)
16-Nov MJD added optional <caption> as first child of <group> and <choices>
16-Nov MJD XForms Action <dispatch> changed attribute 'event' to 'name', added attributes 'cancelable' and 'bubbles'
16-Nov MJD attribute 'idref' on <setFocus> now required (typo fix)
16-Nov MJD removed binding attributes from <submitinstance> and <resetInsetance>, added to <submitInfo>
16-Nov MJD changed attributes on <insert> and <delete>; node-set binding+'at' (& 'position' for<insert>)
16-Nov MJD removed 'switch' attribute from <toggle>
16-Nov MJD added horz attributes (typo) to <script>; and attribute 'type'
17-Nov MJD XLink simplification; no roles, all simple links
19-Nov MJD Simpler content model for <group>; optional <caption> followed by anything
20-Nov MJD Added attribute 'inputMode' to <input>, <secret>, and <textarea>
04-Dec MJD Added bindFirst attributes to <loadURI>
06-Dec MJD Changed type of mediaType on <upload> to xsd:string, added issue
06-Dec MJD Added bindFirst attributes to <caption>, <help>, <hint>, <alert>
06-Dec MJD Added attribute selected to <case>
06-Dec MJD <setValue> accepts simpleContent of xsd:string