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F Changes since the Candidate Recommendation (Non-Normative)

F Changes since the Candidate Recommendation (Non-Normative)

The following, non-editorial, changes have been made since the Candidate Recommendation:

  1. The "master-name" property has been renamed "master-reference" on fo:page-sequence, fo:single-page-master-reference, fo:repeatable-page-master-reference, and fo:conditional-page-master-reference.

  2. The "space-treatment" property has been renamed "white-space-treatment".

  3. A definition of <time>, and <frequency> datatypes have been added to the list of property datatypes.

  4. The xsl "icc-color" function has been renamed "rgb-icc" for compatibility with SVG.

  5. The refinement section on Indents and Margins has been reworded to be clearer and an error in the formulae corrected.

  6. The conversion of <percentage> values has been clarified.

  7. The semantics of omitting an optional NCName in the core functions has been clarified.

  8. The "scaled-baseline-table" has been more clearly defined.

  9. Intrusion adjustment for xsl-side-float has been reworked in the area model and a new property introduced to control intrusions and ensure compatibility with CSS2 behaviour.

  10. "Empty paragraphs" have their space-before and space-after being resolved with the spaces of the block before and after for CSS2 compatibility. "Empty inlines" have their space-start and space-end being resolved with the spaced of the inline before and after.

  11. Small changes have been made to the properties applicable to FOs.

  12. "visibility" has been changed to be inherited for compatibility with CSS2 (erratum).

  13. Initial values have been changed for the table border precedence properties.

  14. The following values have been added to the dominant-baseline property: central, middle, text-after-edge, and text-before-edge.

  15. Initial values have been changed for the .conditionality component of the border-before/after-width, padding-before/after properties.



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