ISOPUB Characters and Glyphs

Appendix A (DTD)
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blank2423   =significant blank symbol 
blk122592   =50% shaded block 
blk142591   =25% shaded block 
blk342593   =75% shaded block 
block2588   =full block 
bull2022   /bullet B: =round bullet, filledbullet
caret2041   =caret (insertion mark) 
check2713   /checkmark =tick, check markcheckmark
cir25CB   /circ B: =circle, open 
clubs2663   /clubsuit =club suit symbol clubsuit
copysr2117   =sound recording copyright sign 
cross2717   =ballot cross 
dagger2020   /dagger B: =dagger 
Dagger2021   /ddagger B: =double daggerddagger
dash2010   =hyphen (true graphic) 
diams2666   /diamondsuit =diamond suit symbol diamondsuit
dlcrop230D   downward left crop mark  
drcrop230C   downward right crop mark  
dtri25BF   /triangledown =down triangle, opentriangledown
dtrif25BE   /blacktriangledown =dn tri, filledblacktriangledown
emsp2003   =em space 
emsp132004   =1/3-em space 
emsp142005   =1/4-em space 
ensp2002   =en space (1/2-em) 
female2640   =female symbol 
ffiligFB03   small ffi ligature 
ffligFB00   small ff ligature 
fflligFB04   small ffl ligature 
filigFB01   small fi ligature 
fjligE3B2   small fj ligature 
flat266D   /flat =musical flat 
flligFB02   small fl ligature 
frac132153   =fraction one-third 
frac152155   =fraction one-fifth 
frac162159   =fraction one-sixth 
frac232154   =fraction two-thirds 
frac252156   =fraction two-fifths 
frac352157   =fraction three-fifths 
frac452158   =fraction four-fifths 
frac56215A   =fraction five-sixths 
hairsp200A   =hair spaceVeryThinSpace
hearts2661   /heartsuit =heart suit symbol heartsuit
hellip2026   =ellipsis (horizontal) 
hybull2043   rectangle, filled (hyphen bullet) 
incare2105   =in-care-of symbol 
ldquor201E   =rising dbl quote, left (low) 
lhblk2584   =lower half block 
loz25CA   /lozenge - lozenge or total marklozenge
lozfE80B   /blacklozenge - lozenge, filledblacklozenge
lsquor201A   =rising single quote, left (low) 
ltri25C3   /triangleleft B: l triangle, opentriangleleft
ltrif25C2   /blacktriangleleft R: =l tri, filledblacktriangleleft
male2642   =male symbol 
malt2720   /maltese =maltese crossmaltese
marker25AE   =histogram marker 
mdash2014   =em dash  
mldr2026   =ellipsis (horizontal) 
natur266E   /natural - music naturalnatural
ndash2013   =en dash 
nldr2025   =double baseline dot (en leader) 
numsp2007   =digit space (width of a number) 
phone260E   =telephone symbol  
puncsp2008   =punctuation space (width of comma) 
rdquor201D   rising dbl quote, right (high)CloseCurlyDoubleQuote
rect25AD   =rectangle, open 
rsquor2019   rising single quote, right (high)CloseCurlyQuote
rtri25B9   /triangleright B: r triangle, opentriangleright
rtrif25B8   /blacktriangleright R: =r tri, filledblacktriangleright
rx211E   pharmaceutical prescription (Rx) 
sext2736   sextile (6-pointed star) 
sharp266F   /sharp =musical sharp 
spades2660   /spadesuit =spades suit symbol spadesuit
squ25A1   =square, openSquare
squf25AA   /blacksquare =sq bullet, filledblacksquare
star22C6   =star, openStar
starf2605   /bigstar - star, filled bigstar
target2316   register mark or target 
telrec2315   =telephone recorder symbol 
thinsp2009   =thin space (1/6-em)ThinSpace
uhblk2580   =upper half block 
ulcrop230F   upward left crop mark  
urcrop230E   upward right crop mark  
utri25B5   /triangle =up triangle, opentriangle
utrif25B4   /blacktriangle =up tri, filledblacktriangle
vellip22EE   vertical ellipsis