MMLEXTRA Characters and Glyphs

Appendix A (DTD)
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afE8A0   character showing function application in presentation tagging 
ApplyFunctionE8A0   character showing function application in presentation tagging 
AssignE85B   assignment operator 
BadBreakE894   if a linebreak is needed, try to avoid breaking here 
CapitalDifferentialDF74B   D for use in differentials, e.g., within integrals 
Cayleys212D   the non-associative ring of octonions or Cayley numbers 
complexes2102   the field of complex numbers 
CrossE619   cross or vector product 
ddF74C   d for use in differentials, e.g., within integrals 
DDF74B   D for use in differentials, e.g., within integrals 
DifferentialDF74C   d for use in differentials, e.g., within integrals 
DownArrowBarF504   down arrow to bar 
DownBreve0311   breve, inverted (non-spacing) 
DownLeftRightVectorF50B   left-down-right-down harpoon 
DownLeftTeeVectorF50E   left-down harpoon from bar 
DownLeftVectorBarF50C   left-down harpoon to bar 
DownRightTeeVectorF50F   right-down harpoon from bar 
DownRightVectorBarF50D   right-down harpoon to bar 
DownTeeArrow21A7   alias for mapstodown 
eeF74D   e use for the exponential base of the natural logarithms 
EmptySmallSquareF527   empty small square 
EmptyVerySmallSquareF530   empty small square 
EqualF431   two consecutive equal signs 
expectation2130   expectation (operator) 
exponentiale212F   base of the Napierian logarithms 
ExponentialEF74D   e use for the exponential base of the natural logarithms 
falseE8A7   logical constant false 
FilledSmallSquareF528   filled small square 
FilledVerySmallSquareF529   filled very small square 
Fouriertrf2131   Fourier transform 
GoodBreakE893   if a linebreak is needed, here is a good spot 
GreaterGreaterE2F7   alias for GT 
HilbertSpace210B   Hilbert space 
HorizontalLineE859   short horizontal line  
icE89C   used as a separator, e.g., in indices 
iiF74E   i for use as a square root of -1 
ImaginaryIF74E   i for use as a square root of -1 
imagline2110   the geometric imaginary line 
IndentingNewLineE891   force a line break and indent appropriately on next line 
integers2124   the ring of integers 
InvisibleCommaE89C   used as a separator, e.g., in indices 
InvisibleTimesE89E   marks multiplication when it is understood without a mark 
itE89E   marks multiplication when it is understood without a mark 
Laplacetrf2112   Laplace transform 
larrb21E4   leftwards arrow to bar 
LeftArrowBar21E4   leftwards arrow to bar 
LeftBracketingBarF603   left vertical delimiter 
LeftDoubleBracketingBarF605   left double vertical delimiter 
LeftDownTeeVectorF519   down-left harpoon from bar 
LeftDownVectorBarF517   down-left harpoon to bar 
LeftRightVector F505   left-up-right-up harpoon 
LeftSkeletonE850   start of missing information 
LeftTeeArrow21A4   alias for mapstoleft 
LeftTeeVectorF509   left-up harpoon from bar 
LeftTriangleBarF410   not left triangle, vertical bar 
LeftUpDownVectorF515   up-left-down-left harpoon 
LeftUpTeeVectorF518   up-left harpoon from bar 
LeftUpVectorBarF516   up-left harpoon to bar 
LeftVectorBar F507   left-up harpoon to bar 
LessLessE2FB   alias for Lt 
mapstodown21A7   alias for mapstodown 
mapstoleft21A4   alias for mapstoleft 
mapstoup21A5   Alias mapstoup 
Mellintrf2133   Mellin transform 
naturals2115   the semi-ring of natural numbers 
nbumpE616   alias for ≎̸ 
nbumpeE84D   not bumpy single equals 
NegativeMediumSpaceE89A   space of width -4/18 em 
NegativeThickSpaceE89B   space of width -5/18 em 
NegativeThinSpaceE899   space of width -3/18 em 
NegativeVeryThinSpaceE898   space of width -1/18 em 
nesimE84E   alias for ≂̸ 
NewLine000A   force a line break; line feed 
NoBreakE892   never break line here 
NotANumberE8AA   used in MML 
NotCupCap226D   alias for &nasymp; 
NotEqualTildeE84E   alias for ≂̸ 
NotHumpDownHumpE616   alias for ≎̸ 
NotHumpEqualE84D   not bumpy single equals 
NotLeftTriangleBarF412   not left triangle, vertical bar 
NotNestedGreaterGreaterF428   not double greater-than sign 
NotNestedLessLessF423   not double less-than sign 
NotRightTriangleBarF413   not vertical bar, right triangle 
NotSquareSubsetE604   square not subset 
NotSquareSupersetE615   negated set-like partial order operator 
NotSucceedsTildeE837   not succeeds or similar 
OverBar00AF   over bar 
OverBraceF612   over brace  
OverBracketF614   over bracket 
OverParenthesisF610   over parenthesis 
planckh210E   the ring (skew field) of quaternions 
Poincareplane210C   the Poincare upper half-plane 
primes2119   the prime natural numbers 
Product220F   alias for &prod 
quaternions210D   the ring (skew field) of quaternions 
rarrb21E5   leftwards arrow to bar 
rationals211A   the field of rational numbers 
realine211B   the geometric real line 
reals211D   the field of real numbers 
RightArrowBar21E5   leftwards arrow to bar 
RightBracketingBarF604   right vertical delimiter 
RightDoubleBracketingBarF606   right double vertical delimiter 
RightDownTeeVectorF514   down-right harpoon from bar 
RightDownVectorBarF512   down-right harpoon to bar 
RightSkeletonE851   end of missing information 
RightTeeVectorF50A   right-up harpoon from bar 
RightTriangleBarF411   vertical bar, right triangle 
RightUpDownVectorF510   up-right-down-right harpoon 
RightUpTeeVectorF513   up-right harpoon from bar 
RightUpVectorBarF511   up-right harpoon to bar 
RightVectorBarF508   up-right harpoon to bar 
RoundImpliesF524   round implies 
RuleDelayedF51F   rule-delayed (colon right arrow) 
ShortDownArrowE87F   short down arrow 
ShortUpArrowE880   sort up arrow  
Tab0009   tabulator stop; horizontal tabulation 
ThickSpaceE897   space of width 5/18 em 
trueE8AB   logical constant true 
UnderBar0332   combining low line 
UnderBraceF613   under brace  
UnderBracketF615   under bracket 
UnderParenthesisF611   under parenthesis 
UpArrowBarF503   up arrow to bar 
UpTeeArrow21A5   Alias mapstoup 
VerticalLineE85A   short vertical line  
VerticalSeparatorE85C   vertical separating operator 
zeetrf2128   zee transform 
ZeroWidthSpace200B   zero width space