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CSS Mobile Profile 1.0 Test Suite Archives

Test suite for Mobile Profile 1.0

Snapshot Release Phase Notes
Current Alpha

This link points to the latest revison of the test suite. The links below are for specific, dated versions.

5 June 2006 Pre-Alpha

First version of a template for test reports. Added more tests for selectors.

22 October 2001 Pre-Alpha

Same as below, but all tests are now local (i.e., no more test cases and style sheets linked in from other servers).

21 October 2001 Pre-Alpha

Improved and slightly expanded. Still a few things too many and a few things missing, but a candidate for announcing together with the Mobile Profile Candidate Recommendation.

11 October 2001 Pre-Alpha

The first release of the test suite, based on the CSS1 test suite

The MWTS Working Group has an experimental test harness that may make navigating the test suite easier, especially on handheld devices.

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