W3C CSS1 Test Suite

Version History

Versions are listed most to least recent, with the details of what was changed and links to the main page of each version. Note that, as time goes on, corrections made in earlier versions may be superseded or removed in later revisions.

19980615 (15 June 1998)
1.1 Containment in HTML Placed the first two @import statements at the beginning of the inline stylesheet, and added another @import statement at the end of the stylesheet to test for browser compliance with section 3.0 of the specification.
1.3 Inheritance Fixed the declarations to include an omitted BODY rule, the lack of which was making some of the statements invalid; also changed color values of dark green to more obvious colors, based on user feedback that the specific dark green in use was too difficult to distinguish from black.
1.4 Class as Selector Changed color values of dark green to more obvious colors, as per the explanation for section 1.3.
1.5 ID as Selector Removed a test for handling of duplicate IDs as being beyond the scope of CSS1.
5.4.3 text-decoration Changed the invalid declaration {text-decoration: normal;} to use the correct value {text-decoration: none;}.
5.4.4 vertical-align Refined tests to make desired behavior (or a lack thereof) easier to see.
5.4.8 line-height Added a contextual selector TABLE .ten {line-height: normal;} to test handling of line-height within tables.
5.6.1 display Added color: red; to the class .four {display: none;}, making it easier to tell if the property value none is being interpreted correctly.
6.3 Color units Changed the declared values for color in classes .one through .four to match (or at least approximate) the defined color values for the keyword green found in the class .six; also added a test for real-number percentage values.
19980511 (11 May 1998)
Intial release.