XML Signature XPath Filter 2.0 Issues

Joseph Reagle Jr. <reagle@w3.org>

This page links to comments/issues raised on the list during Last Call (June 20 - July 11) of the XML-Signature XPath Filter 2.0. It includes substantive issues, not necessarily the welcome editorial suggestions and corrections.

A style sheet declaration is used to not render issues that are considered 'done'. Minority positions are also rendered as such. (Some issues which are considered done may not be rendered as such in order to draw attention to them for the Director review.) The source of an issue need not be its first instance, it also might reference a cogent description or WG poll. Also, this document may not capture editorial tweaks and errors that were easily and quickly remedied.

Resolutions are expressed as {email,minutes} (resulting) draft

Issues Raised During Last Call

Source Isssue Resolution
Karlinger In 3.4 "Any time a node is encountered that is in any evaluated node set S, update Z ..." I think this is incorrect. The flag Z must be updated for each node of the input node set. Reagle: Text changed to reflect Boyer's proposal.

Issues Raised in Candidate REC

Source Isssue Resolution
Sanin Should we also support XPointer expressions? Reagle: we would have to recycle; I'm not sure of the merit; and there is no stable/mature XPointer reference.

Issues Raised in Proposed REC

Source Isssue Resolution
Scott Cantor Should use string instead of NOTATION Reagle: fixed.

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