QA Framework: Mockup CSS Style for Guidelines

W3C Working Draft 23 June 2003

Author: Karl Dubost - Checkpoint 3.2 coming from Guideline 3 of Ops Guidelines.

Example of style

Guideline 3. Synchronize QA activities with the specification milestones.

The benefits of starting synchronization of the specification and test materials development as early as possible include:


Checkpoint 3.2. Support specification versioning/errata in the QA deliverables. [Priority 3]
Conformance requirements

The Working Group MUST ensure that the final published test materials support specification versioning/errata, and SHOULD include specification versioning/errata considerations in any other QA deliverables such as intermediate planning documents.


There will be products that support different versions and/or different errata levels of the specification after it becomes Recommendation. Building specification versioning/errata support into the test materials' infrastructure will allow users to select and apply the appropriate test materials for a given product.


This checkpoint specifically extends the previous one to cover specification milestones after Recommendation status. Whether or not a Working Group plans to maintain the test suite after the specification becomes Recommendation (see the Table of WG Commitment Levels), it has to ensure support of versioning/errata in the structure of the test materials.


This checkpoint concerns support for versioning/errata in the infrastructure or framework of test materials. The related checkpoint 8.2 is about defining maintenance procedures for test materials to track specification versions or errata levels.

Examples & Techniques for checkpoint.

Example of style

The Markup used here is simple and straightforward. You can also add easily categories easily in the document without modifying the stylesheet.

For example, if you want to add a title of level h6, you don't have to define any class, you can just add it.

<div class="LoveSymbol">
	<p>... Here some text ...</p>

And the style will be applied in a straightforward manner.

Here the full HTML code for a checkpoint.

<h3 class="guideline">Guideline 3. @@Title@@</h3>

<p>... Here some text ...</p>

<h4 id="id_number">Checkpoints:</h4>

<div class="CP">
<!-- Begin CP -->

<h5 class="checkpoint3">Checkpoint 3.2. @@CP title@@ 
	<span class="priority3">[Priority 3]</span></h5>

<div class="TA">
	<h6>Conformance requirements</h6>
	<p>... Here some text ...</p>

<div class="Rationale">
	<p>... Here some text ...</p>

<div class="Discussion">
	<p>... Here some text ...</p>

<div class="Note">
	<p>... Here some text ...</p>

<p class="ref-extech-ckpt"><a href="link">Examples &
	Techniques for checkpoint.</a></p>

<!-- End CP -->