Errata of the QA Framework: Specification Guidelines Recommendation

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This document records known errors in the document:

The QA Framework: Specification Guidelines was produced by the QA Working Group.

This document lists known errata to the Recommendation. Each entry has the following information:

  1. A unique identifier
  2. The date it was added to the errata page
  3. A classification of the error (e.g., editorial, clarification, bug, known problem with the document itself)
  4. A short description of the problem and what part of the Recommendation is affected.
  5. Any proposed corrections and whether those corrections would affect conformance of documents or software
  6. Any normative corrections; see the section on Errata Management in the W3C Process Document ([PROCESS] section 7.6.1) for more information about normative corrections

Please send general coments about this document to www-qa@w3.org, a mailing list with a public archive.

No errata reported at this time.

Dominique Hazaël-Massieux <dom@w3.org>
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