Specification Guidelines Conformance Clause Template

Lofton Henderson
Lynne Rosenthal
22 November 2004


As explained in the Status section of the companion Specification Guidelines (SpecGL) document, SpecGL has been substantially revised. In response to feedback during CR publication and review period, it is redesigned for simplicity, user-friendliness, and usability. A big part of that is providing tools and templates to facilitate and accelerate spec authors' work. This is an illustration of a principal such tool/template -- the Conformance Clause Template.

For the purposes of the 22-Nov-2004 Last Call publication of SpecGL, the present version of the template should only be considered as an illustration. It was originally designed for the full content of CR SpecGL, and has not yet been revised to coordinate with the reduced and simplified content of the new lightweight SpecGL, because the content of the latter has been changing too rapidly. That is expected to stabilize with the 22-Nov-2004 publication. This template should be synchronized with SpecGL within a month after Last Call publication.

Template Versions