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PEPmodel Demo Documentation

PEPmodel is a sample PEP implementation written in Java. A client, proxy, and server act as testbed applications to invoke the PEP library code and a set of extensions. The source code  is intended to be more readable than efficient. The class hierarchy parallels the (intended) class structure for the more efficient Jigsaw implemenation.

The PEP library manages and dispatches a set of PEP extensions. These extensions enhance the functionality of the web agents.

Scope of PEPmodel

PEPmodel addresses the PEP model at all of its levels. Consider a transaction like this:
Client says:

GET /countable/asdf.html HTTP/1.1
PEP: {{map "" AccessCounter-12345}{strength must}}
AccessCounter-12345: 7
Server says:
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
AccessCounter-12345: 3.1415
Content-Length: 201
The agents call upon the PEP library and extensions for: A more thorough dissertation of PEP excahanges is available in the Transactions description.

coding styles

I have made an attempt to make the code easy to read and understand:

Eric Prud'hommeaux,,
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