W3C HTTP Performance

HTTP/1.1 LAN Performance

These traces show how the libwww HTTP/1.1 robot can perform together with the Apache server when using persistent connections and pipelining. In this example, both the client and the server is a PC running Linux, the server is a big machine but the client is only a 486 with 48M or RAM.

The client walks through the online linux documentation, which consists of approximately 1573 documents with a total of 9.1M of text in just 16.49 seconds (575000.0 bytes/sec) using 1 TCP connection!

Client Side Log Files

Xplots of the Traces

If you have xplot, then you can get the traces here and you can also download the raw TCP dumps

If not then you can have a look below. The first is the client to server trace and the second is the server to client trace.

Client to server traces

Server to Client traces

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