W3C PICS UI Reference Code

for Windows95, Windows 3.1, and Windows/NT

by Fanya S. Montalvo

This is binary code written in Visual Basic. It illustrates selection from three different rating systems. It runs on Windows, Windows NT, and Windows95, on both high (>= 600 height) and low (< 600 height) resolution graphics systems. Fonts and layout looks best if you have Ariel and Ariel Rounded MT Bold fonts loaded. Currently for low resolution screens only the the RSAC rating system is operating, but stay tuned for the other two.

I have a Ph.D. in Computer and Information Science from the University of Massachusetts. I've been a researcher in the subareas of human vision, computer graphics, artificial intelligence and interactive graphics. As a research scientist I've worked at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Hewlett Packard Labs., MIT AI and Media Labs., and, most recently, at Digital's Computer Research Lab. At CRL I combined these interests in studying how knowledge-based representations could be used to simplify graphic interaction and its attachment to applications, an area I call knowledge visualization.

I've recently become interested in a sub-domain of computer science which I call emotional computing (aka affective computing). Emotional computing is characterized by a primary concern for either modeling or embodying emotions in the computer, or by building systems that respond to, or recognize emotions in their users. A number of practitioners are doing very good work in this area, althought they themselves would not call it that, as the labeling of the area, as such, is not yet happening. Identifying and highlighting excellent examples of this work will help it to cohere as a legitimate field within computer science and engineering.

In the past two years I've become an independent consultant in user interface and graphic design, specializing in knowledge visualization, that is, the representation of complex or technical information. I'm also an artist specializing in Huichol-style yarn paintings.

Fanya S. Montalvo
30 Gardner Road
Nahant MA 01908

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Created 16 November 1995 by Jim Miller
Last updated 20 Nov 1995