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P3P Policy and Outreach Working Group

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North American Outreach Timeline and Top 50 Sites

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Attention working group participants:

Danny Weitzner, co-chair T-and-S Domain Leader
Ari Schwartz, co-chair

Rigo Wenning, staff contact
rigo@w3.org, +33 (0) 4 92 38 75 74


Milestone Target Date
Joint EU-W3C Working on P3P and EU Data-Protection Directive mid- June 1999 Report on the meeting with the Art. 29 Working-Pary and the European Commission on 8-Sep-1999, not confirmed yet by the Commission.
P3P 'Road Show Slides and White Paper 15 June 1999 The White Paper has been written by Anne Cavoukian, Deirdre Mulligan and Ari Schwartz. It is available from the public site
North American Outreach Plan 21 June 2000 The Interop in Manhattan, on June 21st was a success. Currently there is the West-Coast Interop upcoming
P3P 4-color brochure 4 July 1999 The Brochure is now online at the P3P-Homepage
EU Outreach Plan automn 2000 It is planned to have an interop during the meeting of the Data Commissioners in Venice in September 2000
Asia Outreach Plan 1 December 1999 This was not aboarded yet
P3P Status Report to the Policy Community early 2001 This is not intended anymore. We are focusing on Guidelines for Sites now


See also the EU-Outreach-Task-Force Membership

Name Affiliation and Role E-Mail
Brian Adkins ITIC, inv. exp. badkins@itic.org
Steve Beck AvenueA steveb@atlasdmt.com

Mark Berejka

Microsoft mberejka@microsoft.com

Jerry Berman

CDT jberman@cdt.org
Andrew Bybee Microsoft abybee@microsoft.com

Ann Cavoukian

Ontario Office of the Information and Privacy (IPC),
Invited Expert
Chandler, Amanda DoubleClick achandler@doubleclick.net
Lorrie Cranor AT&T lorrie@research.att.com
Brooks Dobbs DoubleClick bdobbs@doubleclick.net
Jennifer Jacobsen AOL JGJacobsen@aol.com
Patrick Feng Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute fengp@rpi.edu
Liz Gasster AT&T egasster@att.com

Mike Gursky

Ontario Office of the Information and Privacy, Invited Expert mgurski@ipc.on.ca
Shane Ham PPI (inv. expert) sham@dlcppi.org
Greg Hampson Manager - Corporate Privacy, Microsoft Corporation gregham@microsoft.com

Peggy Haney

American Express Peggy.Haney@aexp.com
Lauren Hall Software & Information Industry Association lhall@siia.net
Lance Hoffman George Washington University (inv. expert) hoffman@seas.gwu.edu
Dan Jaye Engage DJaye@Engage.com
Marit Koehntopp Schleswig-Holstein Data-Commissionor, Invited Expert marit@koehntopp.de
Yuichi Koike NEC koike@ay.jp.nec.com
Yusuke Koizumi ENC koizumi@sec.nmda.or.jp
Rick Lane US Chamber of Commerce (inv. expert) RLane@USChamber.com
Gary Laden BBBOnline, (inv. expert) gladen@cbbb.bbb.org
Barbara Lawler HP barbara_lawler@hp.com
Ran Lotenberg IDcide ran@idcide.com
Tim Lordan IEF tim@neted.org
Harriet Pearson IBM hpearson@us.ibm.com
Pasha Peroff IPC Ontario PPeroff@ipc.on.ca

Jules Polonetsky

DoubleClick Inc. jpolonetsky@doubleclick.net
Martin Presler-Marshall IBM mpresler@us.ibm.com
Richard Purcell Microsoft richarp@microsoft.com

Joel Reidenberg

Fordham University, Invited Expert reidenberg@sprynet.com
Rebecca Richards Trustee rrichards@truste.org

Gary Roboff

Chase Manhattan GARY.ROBOFF@chase.com
Ari Schwartz CDT, Chair ari@cdt.org
Noboru Shimizu ENC shimizu@nmda.or.jp

Daniel Weitzner

W3C - Domain Leader Technology and Society djweitzner@w3.org
Rigo Wenning W3C - Staff contact rigo@w3.org
Brian Zwit America Online, Inc. bzwit@aol.com

Alan J. Zausner

American Express alan.j.zausner@aexp.com

Charter and History


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Solved issues

Background and Related Resources

Rigo Wenning, 03-Mar-2000
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