XHTML-Print Implementation Reports

This implementation report documents the interoperability of multiple implementations of the features of XHTML-Print Candidate Recommendation. It has been created by the HTML Working Group (Members only) during the Candidate Recommendation phase. The Working Group expects to release the test suite for XHTML-Print within three months from the publication of the XHTML-Print Candidate Recommendation.

In order to exit the Candidate Recommendation phase, the following criteria must be satisfied:

  1. At least two printers implement all the required features of this specification.
  2. A minimum of six months of the CR period must be elapsed to ensure that enough time is given for providing implementation feedback.

Implementation Report Template

A template for implementation reports is available. Please download the following files, rename, edit and fill out the template as directed in the instructions and email the report to jim.bigelow@hp.com:

  1. XHTML-Print Implementation Report instructions
  2. XHTML-Print implementation report TEMPLATE


Masayasu Ishikawa, W3C Team Contact for the HTML Working Group
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