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Class w3c.jigsaw.ssi.servlets.ServletCommand


public class ServletCommand
extends Object
implements Command
Implementation of the SSI servlet command. Servlet can be executed simply by providing a url path to a servlet class.

Variable Index

 o wrappers

Constructor Index

 o ServletCommand()

Method Index

 o addParam(Dictionary, String, String, String)
 o execute(SSIResource, Request, ArrayDictionary, Dictionary)
 o getName()
 o getParams(Dictionary, String)
 o getValue(Dictionary, String)
 o isRemote(String)


 o wrappers
 protected static Hashtable wrappers


 o ServletCommand
 public ServletCommand()


 o addParam
 protected void addParam(Dictionary d,
                         String name,
                         String param,
                         String value)
 o getParams
 protected Hashtable getParams(Dictionary d,
                               String name)
 o getName
 public String getName()
 o getValue
 public String getValue(Dictionary variables,
                        String var)
 o isRemote
 protected boolean isRemote(String code)
 o execute
 public Reply execute(SSIResource resource,
                      Request request,
                      ArrayDictionary parameters,
                      Dictionary variables)

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