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Class w3c.jigsaw.ssi.CommandRegistry


public abstract class CommandRegistry
extends Object
implements Serializable
This class represents a group of SSI commands. This is an abstract class. A concrete subclass of this class is supplied to the SSIResource for finding the commands present in the document.

See Also:
BasicCommandRegistry, DefaultCommandRegistry

Constructor Index

 o CommandRegistry()

Method Index

 o initVariables(SSIResource, Request, Dictionary)
Initialize execution variables.
 o lookupCommand(String)
Look up a command from its name.


 o CommandRegistry
 public CommandRegistry()


 o lookupCommand
 public abstract Command lookupCommand(String name)
Look up a command from its name. (Should never return null, and have a pseudo-command to handle non-existent commands).

name - the name
the command
 o initVariables
 public abstract Dictionary initVariables(SSIResource resource,
                                          Request request,
                                          Dictionary variables)
Initialize execution variables. Called before any of the SSI commands in the documents are executed. This method augments or modifies the dictionary given as argument. If the variable dictionary is null, it may create a new one and return it. SSIResource will always call this method with variables set to null. Its existence is mainly to facilitate the subclassing of an existing registry.

request - the HTTP request
variables - other variables previously defined
the modified/augmented set of variables

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