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This resource allows you to embed Servlets in Jigsaw. The ServletWrapper resource works in conjunction with the ServletDirectory resource, that acts as a context for  a set of related servlets. You can install multiple servlet directory resources within the same Jigsaw process.

To install a servlet within Jigsaw, you need to install an instance of the ServletWrapper resource in the Jigsaw URL space, and then configure it and tell it what servlet class it should embed (by using the servlet-class parameter).


The ServletWrapper class inherits from the following classes:

Attributes description

The ServletWrapper defines the following attributes:


The name of the main class for the servlet. That name should resolve to a subclass of java.servlet.Servlet. The servlet wrapper will only run the servlet when doable, it will otherwise (when the servlet class is not instantiable, or some other servlet initialization error occurs) emit an error message back to the client and report the problem in Jigsaw's main error log.
This attribute is a mandatory StringAttribute
default value
This attribute has no default value, and is mandatory.


This attribute lists the servlet initialization parameters. Each attribute has a name and a value, both of them are instances of String.
This attribute is a PropertiesAttribute
default value
This attribute has no default value.

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