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This resource will allow you to do multihoming. This technic is a way to host multiple logical web servers on the same physical process. Jigsaw supports only Host header based virtual hosting, which does not consume IP addresses.

As for other resources that are suposed to be the root resource of your server, you should be very cautious when using that kind of resource. In particular make sure the followup attribute is set to a resource that will export the Admin directory.

Each child of the VirualHostResource must be named under the host name it will serve. If you have a machine A with names name.foo.com and alias.foo.com, and if the server is running on port 8001, then requests prefixed by http://name.foo.com:8001/ will be dispatched to the child resource of the virtual host resource named name.foo.com:8001 and requests prefixed by http://alias.foo.com:8001 to child resource alias.foo.com:8001.

Warning: Unless you understand what you are doing, children of that resources should only be either MirrorDirectory or PassDirectory instances.


The VirtualHostResource class inherits from the following classes:

Attributes description

The VirtualHostResource defines the following attributes:


The deafult resource for handling unknown hosts. This attribute should provide the name of a resource existing within the root resource store of the server.
This attribute is an editable StringAttribute
default value
This attribute has no default, It should be set to an existing resource within the root resource store (if you don't understand that, set it to root).

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